Laying the Smackdown ^ 2 : Chatting with brook universal USB

I noticed one thing that is absent from a brook Universal USB fighting board. They corrected it on a second PlayStation 4 only edition. It’s chat.

Assuming both me and my builder Stan didn’t miss a 3.5 mm port, how is one supposed to chat and fight at the same time?

I might be able to think of a creative way but you have to have two accounts logged in the same machine.

Here’s the equipment besides Brook joystick I have to work with that might help.

One wired headsets with TalkBack feature 3.5 mm, four region.

One of those lime green and pink y adapters for PCs.

One Bluetooth headphone.

1 Bluetooth transmitter / receiver.

One Xbox One controller, pre -S era.

1 Puck for above controller.

As for the topic title, since Laying the Smackdown (on another’s candy a$$) can both refer to both trash talk as well as literal violence, (which is probably the number one thing you do in fighting video games virtually) , that’s why I squared “Laying the Smackdown”

By the way I’m looking for results on how to do it on Xbox One Xbox 360 Nintendo switch, and (for non fighting games) the Wii U.

also if you plug the USB end into a USB to Xbox Prime converter would it work on Xbox Prime? And what did follow the logical Duke arrangements for fighting games?

Seriously, people are willing to respond and challenge me about “crazy things I say”, but when they pose a question about how to talk to your opponent when using the brook Universal USB fight board, it seems like everyone is silent.

How am I supposed to talk to people online when fighting on an Xbox 360 or an Xbox One? There is no 2.5 or 3.5 mm cable as far as I could tell, but then again I shipped it straight to my joystick builder.

I understand the Switch requires a cell phone app and I can handle that.

As far as I remember, Brook didn’t implement chat in their UFB because they couldn’t fit the code chat on the various platforms into the chip along with actual controller support.

That being said, people have worked around the situation with some/all of the scenarios that you’ve thought of: second account with a controller, but in the same group/party; USB headsets plugged directly to the console; Bluetooth headsets (if supported) paired to the console; etc…

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Thank you Freedom Gundam.

New ones I though of : There’s Kinect/plug in stream mic, and the Xbox has a smart phone chat app you can plug into. And a 3.5mm to 2.5 mm chat adapter should work for Xbox 360/prime.

Glad to know my instincts are right