LAZY AND NEED HELP! I'm seeking contact lenses info inside


hello my fellow srk’ers. i am looking for acuvue oasys contact lenses with a prescription of :

8.4 base curve
14 diameter

if you hold this prescription and can order this for me i would greatly appreciate it and will pay you a nice tip. if no one has this certain prescription i will settle for -2.00 or -2.50. like i said, will pay for the lenses and will also include a nice tip paid via paypal upon receipt. either post up or PM and i reply asap. thank you srk.



smells like a bot thread…


damn son, im seriously asking for help for once on this site and you gonna really be stupid with a reply like this? gtfo dude.



Or you can’t order it because you don’t have a doc?


I’d help you out Watson but my contacts don’t match that at all. Much luck to ya though.


my prescription ran out, my doctor moved, and i dont have time atm to go see another doctor tbh. its a long story but basically im down to my last pair and dont want to go through the trouble nor do i have the time to see another doctor before i head out of town soon. thank you much for the replies so far and i hope someone can help :slight_smile:


you need a doctor note to order online?


You just need to find your doc(they have a listing of docs). They say they check with your doc, but my doc told me they never contacted him. So yea… I have no clue if they actually do.


oh snap, someone came through already. thanks for replying guys, really appreciated!



Why don’t you just call your doctor up at his new location and have him fax you your prescription. With that information in hand any other optometrist will give you contacts as long as you’ve had an eye exam within the last 2 years.

Or did your doctor disappear?

Edit: One minute too late.