Lazy guy looking for a stick designing program, any options out there


In short, my uncle Kevin designs consumer electronics, I’m going to give him a design and he’ll make it, I would raw it out but lost my Wacom pen and scanning resolution is lackluster, I’m not big on 3d or vectoring either. I’ve seen many use a Madcats TE designing program, but I can’t find that.


Uh, if you’re lazy you’re not going to be successful at this. There isn’t any magical program that will help you design a stick. You either have to suck it up and learn something or give up on the project, or find someone willing (probably for pay) to convert a drawing you did to a CAD file of some sort.


Google Sketchup


And even that will take work as Missing Person had a few glitches he had to research and work around.


Agreed with sketchup. The main thing I would state is once you finish the project, scale it by 100, then make the outer shell. You also want to make circles with sides of 96, or else they will end up too blocky to put buttons in, and that makes sketchuo glitch out unless you make the whole case 100x normal size to make the outer shell. After you’re done, just scale it back by scaling it to 0.01.

Also necessities are these extensions:

Solid Inspector
SKP to STL converter.


Thanks, on it.