.: LaZy Taggerz - Request Thread :


As you can read, its called lazy taggers… so dont expect us to take much
If you want in just pm me a premium and non premium avatar… MADE BY YOU.



  • One may request only srk avatars. (Premium or non-premium)
  • Avatars will be made only Twice a week. ( Meaning our taggers will only put out 2 avatars a week)
  • Must follow the guild lines of waiting the 2 week period from receiving from us or another avatar maker.
  • You will be place in a waiting list, if you’re not the 2 avatars we’re making that week I will place a date by your name when one of the members will start doing it.
  • Once you request from us, you cannot request from someone else till you recieve the avatar and wait the period of time.
  • Providing a picture would be very helpful.
  • If need be, I or someone else will go through the waiting list and help speed things up, if the list is getting to big or if we’re bored, the waiting list will be updated after the jolt of energy.
  • Any one of us can choose to take on the request, it will also be posted on the waiting list.


LaZy DeMoN


Nah Dood - 120%




See Adam Epstein

.:Waiting List:.

  • XorXe-YaGaMi [ GuMz]
  • no9176 [ woof ]



:rofl: Sounds about right… dood.[/COLOR]


=] haha





sweet i wish i could join


you guys are doing a great job!

team members y2j, woof, gumz, yeah dood, i knew you guys were perfect members for this team! lol


wipes forehead
:bluu: For a second there, I thought we had a request. :zzz: Close call… dood!
rolls over and falls back to sleep in his own filth


waits =]


HAHAHAhahah you guys crack me up lol


Can i request one avatar? for non premium member i f is possible to use this sprite


And in the name only put XorXe please xD


^ i got it =]


:rofl: Whoa, ease up on the spunk there buddy. You almost made me get pumped, :wtf: almost… dood!


I think that was a typo. What he meant was: “^ i got it… i guess… -_-”


since you guys seem so eager for business…

I like a prem sized AV of this here ghost in the shell figure. Top right or left pic.


EDIT: No need to have my name on it. Thanks.


talk slower

squints eyes

looks at photoshop

looks at bed

looks at photoshop

looks at bed

looks at photoshop

looks at bed

hops on bed


yawn ughh

…and im through


Thanks!!! awesome!!




give me a MINUTE

its simple but so are all my avs


if you aint feelin it then maybe some other lazy fuck will do it A!!!