Lazy Tekken character designs?

This isn’t a really negative thread - i love the game, but it’s something i noticed which left me a little disappointed when i tried out most of the Tekken cast.

With the original SF characters you get different jumping punch and kick animations (for all three punch strengths and all three kick strengths) depending on whether you jump diagonally or if you jump straight up. So that means you have six jumping punch animations and six jumping kick animations in total (weak, medium and strong punch and kick animations when jumping diagonally and different weak, medium and strong punch and kick animations when jumping straight up). It’s been like this since SF2.

Unfortunately most of the Tekken cast use the same animations for diagonal jumps as they do for jumping straight up, and in my opinion this hurts the variety of the moves whilst playing. I miss the differences you get with the SF cast, for example Chun-Li’s and Fei Long’s ‘split kicks’ when you jump straight up and use the strongest kick, compared to the moves you get when you use the same button but jump diagonally.

I know Yun and Yang had the same limited animations in SSF4AE, and Rolento has this too in SFxTekken, but i thought Capcom would’ve put more effort into the Tekken cast to give them the same variety of moves as they did for their own original SF characters.

Anyway, apart from this minor niggle i’m really enjoying the game.

Who you calling niggle?
It’s actually an accurate detail in Tekken the characters would mostly have same attacks if jumping straight up or diagonally, so this is true to them; only adding a lot more HEIGHT to their jumps

Oh, this is about animation frames. i thought this was about how heihachi and kuma look horrible in this game.

Apart from that, I think they did a pretty good job in converting the tekken style moves over to SF. Some of them have alot more to offer in their movelists compared to the capcom side, so that says something.