LB-39 Red finally being produced!


I’ve just heard from Seimitsu that the bubbletops will finally have a true red color available- I’ve ordered a bunch and can’t wait to see how they look.

Previously, orange was the closest color.


Sweet red is awesome



Man, so finally Seimitsu make the LB-39 Red!
I got to check this out.

Thank you for the new Nareg.
I know many people would love this.


Yay. And I just might buy one from you. :tup:


Sweet man! I might need to pick one of these up for the custom stick I have in progress!


And I just ordered an orange one. Well shit.


^ :rofl:

Sanwa doing solid black buttons and now this.


Yes, fuck, finally! :smiley: Put them up for Preorder, or post some piccies as soon as you can.


I hope they don’t turn out pinkish red. ><


Woohoo! Time to dance!


Here is a picture. It is indeed red.


Ahhhhh! Must have! :wow:

I’ve been hoping that they’d make them…finally.


That is so fire!


OMG! So want!


Looks lovely.


Oh, just great!

Something else in red that I have to buy! :lol:


I need one hella bad for my red Rufus stick.



I am happy :smiley:

My FSN rin/archer stick can now be completed!


Red looks pretty nice :smiley:


Any word on when these will be available for sale yet?