LCD arcade Cab in the works, need input!

I am working with Scott over at in designing a small foot print, sleek, affordable arcade cab that will house an HD LCD monitor/TV. Many of the new fighting games hitting the market in the near future are going to be HD so this is the time to do it!

Scott has all the professional tools to make this happen, and produce them at decent rate of speed, so lets help him design it! Once completed you guys will be able to order the cab kit and assemble it very easily without having to spend a fortune. I have bought several of his cab kits in the past and they are very nice.

Here is the first rough prototype, we are trying to design this in a Japanese style but obviously out of wood. Also with the option of having a US or Japanese style control panel. Please feel free to help out!

So it will be like IKEA for arcade cabinets? Awesome :tup:

Do you guys plan to make it only for a certain size LCD?

Scott is awesome to work with too. He used to do all of my CNC before I got my own, but he still helps me out a lot when I get to many orders for my CNC too keep up.

Props to both of you, I can wait to see the finished product. Would be cool if he could do one in white as well.

Are you going to be looking at making this wide screen or full screen?The pic looks like it is designed for a full screen monitor but it seems like wide would be the way to go for the newer games and just have to deal with black bars for older games.

Definitely going to support widescreen LCD’s. They should be easy to mount using a VESA wall mount bracket. Again the pic is just an early proto, which is why we need feedback on what you guys want.

Have a look at this:

About how much would this kit run? Does he do lower prices for like no paint, no plexi, no t-molding cuts, etc? I saw the mameroom kits and i’m assuming it’d run somewhere between the cocktail and standup 1. Are those your chins? :slight_smile:

I’m assuming it will be the same as everything else Mameroom does. They use black melamine coated 5/8" Particle board. So I don’t think getting “no paint” for example would be an option.

The other kits don’t come with Plexi, so I doubt these would either.

copy an astro cab and call it a day

Ok, I shoulda noticed the use of melamine in everything. Thanks Ed. Guess I’ll have to keep holding out for a craigslist cheapie.

As far as design ideas go, making a woodie clone of any of the newer flat panel japanese cabinets would make almost everyone happy. i’m thinking the T5 standup (which looks like what you have there already) would have the broadest appeal. Hell i’d be interested in a cruder clone of legztec’s (sp?) mini cute if you’re goin for super small footprint. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping we can produce this for under $400. Yea, I have 3 poop monsters (chins):wgrin:

Well, the whole point of this is to create an affordable LCD cab. Not trying to copy an Astro City ect… If you happen to find a candy cab on Craigslist it’ll cost a you a bundle to ship unless you find one local. Either way it will cost more than this will.
Most people already own an LCD monitor that they can mount in this.

What size LCD monitors are you shooting for?

Am I the only one who noticed the pun in the title?

I was thinking up to 25" but I think with different size bezels any size would work.

A friend and myself are actually coming up with plans to do the same thing. But, ours will look alot more…futuristic. More metal and steel, 32’ monitors, etc.

They will basically look like a “skeleton” of a normail cabinet. Smaller, but more high tech.

As soon as we finalize stuff and maybe build a protype, I’ll post pics. :slight_smile:

Thats great and all, but will you be able to reproduce and sell these at an afordable rate? As that is the point of this project…:wgrin:

Why not base it off the new vewlix cab (SF4, Blazblue, etc)

What he said. If you can mass produce 1player versions of this, you’ll make a bundle (i’ll be the first to place an order).

Also notice that on this cab, there is no enclosure surrounding the monitor, there’s just vesa mounts & enough material to support them. That’s definitely the way you want to go.

Ugh, Astro City would look horrible in wood. And yeah, for a new shippable cab kit on demand i know these are a pretty good deal. Copy this and maybe have the sitdown model too. Black all the way, America style! :slight_smile: