LCD Choice

Hey ive recently wanted to get a TV and i thought that and LCD TV would be the best i but i have a question about if there will be any lag when i play fighting games if there are some LCD out there that people have problems plz post here as well as affordable LCD that dont have any problem

The 42-inch Westinghouse that does 1080 is pretty highly recommended from what I’ve seen here. sorry don’t know the model number but I’m pretty sure BestBuy still sells them. Price is really good to for a TV that size. Not to be an ass but I’m pretty sure there is a thread dedicated to HDTVs and lag.

Well ive been looking at the vizio LCD screens i might want to pick one of them up ? you know if there any good

I have a vizio and I love it.

I say get a Samsung. I’m not sure of the model number, but mine is 32 inches, and it has worked fine with everything I plug into it. Dreamcast, PS2, even a consolized Neo-Geo MVS system. All work without lag.

whats the contrast ratio for your lcds? ive seen some really cheap shit on, but the contrast ration was 600:1.

starting me research on lcds so i can scrounge one up on blackfriday.

well i got the vizio i was talking about and ti looks great and i think it has a contrast ration of 700:1 i have no idea what this is but thats what it says on the box and its a very nice tv no dark or grainy well on some games it is because there old but over all its a very good LCD

i like anything samsung puts out. so my vote would go to a samsung LCD

Good to know you found something you like. If you go by reviews, there are Vizios and Olevias that rate just as high as the big boy brands.

I bought an expensive Bravia, and when I’m playing most PS3 and 360 games on my buddy’s Vizio, I can hardly tell the difference. I’ll probably get one of the more budget-conscious LCDs for the bedroom.

I’m about to get this one, is a tv/monitor combo. It looks sick,it’s the one they have in target with the Xbox 360 kiosks/testers. But I’m worry about lag with 2D fighting games.
I’m not sure if its only with HDtvs.

700:1 is the contrast ratio and this is the weak point of LCD against Plasma TVs…
Basically, it means how the “black” will look on you TV.
A 700:1 ration is kind of low… you should have your “black” looking like dark grey.

But if it’s good enough for you, then its ok. The low contrast ratio TVs are much cheaper anyway. mine is 1200:1 and I tend to find it a little too bright…