LCD monitor help

Alright, I did a search and apparently using a hdtv as a monitor and tv is a bad idea. I’m getting a new monitor in the next week or so and was initially going to get this one by LG.

I chose it because it has little to no glare (which I find funny that another LG monitor actually has a sticker stating “glare” why would they advertise that?^_^’) and a 2ms response time.

Dell also has one, slightly more expensive but, it has an HDMI port and the same response time.

I also didn’t know that Samsung manufactured Dell (read that in a forum anyways) and Samsung is one of the big three for hdtvs. Can I use that with a 360/PS3? I don’t know too much about tv/monitors and would like to know which is the better buy or be shown another monitor that’s better. I’m looking for a 22’(cause anything bigger may be too big for a pc monitor) and looking to spend no more than $350 or so. If using a monitor for a console isn’t a good idea let me know since I wanted to use it for a 360/PS3 but if it’s no good then I guess I’ll just get something else.

I’ve got a 24inch Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP-HC which I use for both my PC and PS3. If it’s quality is anything to go by, then I’d suggest you go for the Dell 2208WFP or the newer version of mine which is the UltraSharp 2408WFP.

I have an asus vw222u. you can get one off newegg for 280 bucks atm. it’s a 22inch lcd which is hdcp compatible and has 2ms response rate. it also has 4:3 aspect ratio scaling (for old games) but unfortunately doesn’t have 16:9 (tv and console standard ratio, lcd monitors are 16:10) scaling. i don’t know any lcd monitors which have 16:9 scaling.

i plan to get a hdprobox which will give me 16:9 scaling - it uses vga input. even though i could plug in a hdmi connection to dvi, i am really fussy over stretched images. i plug my pc with dvi and will tell the monitor to switch over to vga when i want to play my consoles.

just letting know you what options are available, but i highly recommend this monitor for price and features.

another monitor to look at is the Samsung 2253BW. hdcp compatible, 2ms response rate, but no 4:3 scaling.

I looked into the Dell a little further and apparently it doesn’t have a good viewing angle, corners have fade out, and it has glare. I’ll look into the VW222U to compare. Thanks for the info :tup: