LCD monitor keeps malfunctioning


I have owned this 19 inch BENQ FP93GX monitor for at least a few years. And recently, it started having problems where, if I leave it turned off or inactive (orange light) for too long, I can’t turn it back on. If I try, the light goes green for a split second and then it immediately shuts off. If I do this enough times, eventually the monitor comes up, showing the company/manufacturers logo, and just freezes there. I can’t even turn it off or use any of the other monitor buttons. So I have to unplug the power cord and replug. Afterwards, the monitor can be turned on and it functions perfectly fine. But this is a hassle. Do old monitors start to behave like this over time?


Unfortunately since LCD screens are relatively a new technology, there is not good documentation for when older LCD monitors fail.
This is disappointing to hear since CRT monitors can last decades if properly cared for.

Unfortunately the ART of repairing monitors are nearly dead and that is only for CRT monitors. The TV and Radio repair shops are part of a long gone era.
LCD monitors is what they refer in the electronics/ computer industry as field replaceable item. Meaning there is no repair only replacement.