LCD to become my TV and PC and now the sound

I recently found a TV I was interested in.

I know that it doubles as a monitor and is compatible with my PC, so I don’t think that’s a problem. I will also use my Xbox 360 and Wii on it as well. However I have two speakers that I currently use for my computer but I would be interested in something that makes it possible to switch the sound from my PC to the consoles I play it on at any time. (I hope that made sense). Is there something I need to get? If so what?

I have a monitor like that (Westinghouse) and it has a regular 3.5mm jack to go along with the VGA input, so it’s as simple as changing switching over to VGA for sound. I wouldn’t be surprised if this monitor was the same, so all you need is a male-to-male 3.5mm cable, which should only be a few bucks at most.

Could you link me to one please?

I’m sure you can find it cheaper online.


Does quality matter?

@Dencore: Keep in mind that you won’t get the same resolution with a HDTV as you would if you ise a normal PC monitor! …I can see that this TV can go up to 720p… it means that your PC will display a maximum res’ of 1280x720.

It ok for the xbox and he Wii… But it’s not much on a 26" display when it comes to the PC.

I am using an HDTV as my computer monitor as well… it’s perfect to watch movies, browse the net, and do basic stuff, but it’s shit for photoshop, movie editing and other design apps.

The best setup would be to have both a PC monitor for PC applications, AND a HDTV as a secondary monitor to watch movies and play games.

An LCD TV cannot be used as a monitor by it self, the only thing you can do when you hook up your PC to an LCD TV is watching movies only or maybe viewing some photos or pictures, which means you can’t see, write or read a text on an LCD TV used as a monitor unless of course you have an Eagle’s Eyes which I doubt it.

Your best bet will be to buy a Monitor, which have the inputs allow you to use it as a TV. Monitors like Viewsonic VX2835 & Samsung Syncmaster 257TPlus will do the job and if you have to choose one of them i’ll say go with samsung!

^ Cleartype? Which Vista already has on by default.

Ahh I see. Thanks for pointing that out.

Sigh I just wish that I could use my monitor as the TV for the 360 and Wii instead so I don’t have to spend money.:sad: