Lcd vs plasma vs rear projection

so which tv type offers the best value?

Depends on what size you want. If you’re looking 50" and up, DLP. You can get a 50" 1080p DLP for about 1200 bucks.

42-50" is typically plasma territory, with LCD taking anything under that. You’ll typically get a better value going with a 720p over a 1080p (a bit overrated in my opinion). As far as what has the best picture, you have to decide for yourself.

I sell them for a living and personally prefer plasma. Widest range of colors so you typically get the most realistic picture. LCD tends to be too bright for me and doesn’t perform well on motion and fast action.

Do NOT listen to people who say plasma doesn’t last. Simply not true. However, if you think you’ll be using it as a monitor a lot, lcd might be a better choice because it’s harder to get image retention on that.

There are many different types of televisions, just saying “lcd” “plasma” or “rear projection” isnt enough… For instance, with LCD, there is TN, S-PVA, M-PVA etc… For rear projection the two most common types are DLP and LCoS…

I myself have an LCoS… its got possibly the best value you can get for a high definition television. It also has the lowest lag out of any high definition television you will ever find. However, it has a major flaw… the bulb in it only has an 8,000 hour life limit before it must be replaced (which costs $100-$200). My father has an LCoS, his TV is 4 years old and the bulb is still running great… I had to replace my bulb after only a year. For my mother, her’s lasted 2 years.

Thankfully, the bulbs are covered by extended warranties.

Also, the sheen on the telvision is also important. Some TVs have a glossy cover, while others have a matte cover. Glossy will make the colors look more%2