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Nigga please!!! post ur useless stuff up in there


god damn, still can’t believe I posted a thread saying we were in february, la marijuana c est pas bon pour le cerveau hein…

anywho…post away


I guess nobody’s going to MIRA today :rolleyes: what about tomorow ??

Twitch :
should I bring the EC ultimate mvc2 DVDs with me ?
does anybody else wanna piece of them ?


what is included in the dvd?


Yo is there gonna be a tournament anytime soon?


matches from the past EC tournaments + interviews
all of EC top players are in there i.e.: jwong, sanford, mixup, josh wong, demon hayo, Xecutionner etc

Twitch :
I guess you don’t want them … I asked you first cause you’re the one who lent me the evo DVD … anyways.

Den :
I’m sorry, but you have to wait for your turn caue I don’t wanna run into the same problems I had before to get my DVDs back :stuck_out_tongue: unless you wanna buy them :evil:


nah i want them :cool:

just i want to play more then watch :lol:

ill be at mira saturday…:eek:


aite u know m syaing aiteee:lol:


lol are you under the influence or what?
pot abuse in young kids is obviously on the rise thse days ahah and the adverse drug-induced effects of pot are now starting to manifest themselves in mao’s peculiar behaviour…

shit 2000+ truly sucks even at this point with almost no arcades to play at and as desperate as i am to play games i still didn’t derive any kind of pleasure from my short stay there…the sullen & barren ambience of the place was enough the turn off my craving for games…and this time for good :bluu:
anyhow the always vacant (not counting the occasional presence of nadir) cabinet of mvc2 sufficed to cut short my desire for game playing…

and one of the guys who works there is a certified butthole man whenever i have a 5$ or a 10$ bill and i just want to change for 0.50$ or 0.75$ he tells me that he has no change!!! now what kind of lousy stategem to get people to get people to spend more is that??? i was simply astounded by that but i didn’t say anything lol how could an arcade possibly not have change??? i’m sure plenty of kids come with only 0.25 or 0.50$ in their pockets and those quarters can’t possibly disapear into thin air…
it’s hard to imagine that such a low-grade arcade is still in business

Nadir: cool let me know when i can have the dvds i just wanna watch the justin wong interview for some reason there is something intriguing and captivating about him :stuck_out_tongue:

Rene: j’ai acheter la serie de Remy si tu veux jpeux te faire des copies a 5$ chaque :lol:

En passant vers quelle heur est-ce qu’il y a le plus de monde a Mira les samedi?


Scamusement 2000+ has a sign at the cash saying “Minimum 1.00$ for tokens”, so if you have less then a dollar you can’t get tokens… :rolleyes:


lots of ppl at mire when i was there ( at 4:00 pm) but no one was playing, who played me? man i sucked today. couldnt get my shit together…:bluu:

and when did the svc chaos stick get fixed?
damn i didnt even know:( .

yo twitch, what time will you be at mira on saturday?

i may be there around 5


ill be there at 4 so im bound to meet u at 5 ill wear a baby blue hat so ull know…


ok cool, ill be wearing a black jacket with white lining. so expect a good 'ol hello :smiley:


WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOLPLE! You sound like ur having a fucking blind date or something
Ill be wearing a bla bla bla…jebus…


hahaha… jebus is the man.


Today I’m coming for sure, so Twitch you better be there or I’m gonna give the DVDs to somebody else :evil: :stuck_out_tongue:


Nigga plz

u know ill show :cool:


who else is going to mira ?


w0ot very cool today, got to meet twitch
and an old friend of mine, Victor, if he’s reading this: sup man, long time no see!

and wtf was that pokemon disk?!?


ya nice to meet u just play more ull get better…

PS:Change ur groove then go back to S when u know the general game man …

Nadir those dvds are crazy :eek:

how the fuck does justin beat santford and ppl so easily there all godly man :eek: