Leaderboard Cheating

First of all, I want to apologize if this thread is not in the place it should be, I made a research for the topic “leaderboard cheat” and I didnt found anything for marvel.

I have played many hours and gained to be in top 50 on the ps3 leaderboards, however people in ranks above myself are cheating to rank faster, they reload saved games so the dont earn losses, just earn victories, so they have wining streaks like 1000 consecutive wins… even if you beat them they still retain this streak, and IMO this is bullsh*t, there are many good players out there and leaderboards are meant to show skilled players, not cheater players, so is there anything that capcom can do ?

research for finaldoragon in youtube so you can now what I mean.
I cannot say I dont care about leaderboards, I dont aim to be in no 1 on leaderboards, but doing wrong with your account with knowing you are cheating, is something that should be punished by capcom, at least thats what I think, let me know your thoughts and feel free to post gamer tags from those who cheat like these …

No big deal. Those people dont play tournaments or anything.

Lol its an online leaderboard who cares

Pretty much sums up the thoughts of 99% of the people who visit this forum.
The top 1000 spots on the online leaderboards could be filled with cheaters with perfect records for all I care, they’d still get blown up at a major where it really matters.

it always sucks when someone has to cheat to be on a leaderboard.

The real leaderboards are going to be at Evo

I pity anybody who wastes time and effort cheating their way to the top of an online leaderboard. You’re just an expendable name on an instantly forgettable list of nobodies.

There are just too many variables in online play for a online leaderboard to mean much, even in the best of conditions. I’m sure you have a good idea about where you stand as a player, but offline competition is the best way to judge player skill.

I don’t really care, since it’s an online leaderboard, and everyone on the top list either spams or uses Phoenix and/or Sentinel. Most if not all of those guys don’t even show their faces at tournaments to prove their “skill” anyways.

I believe ranking system should be reviewed, and net code should include tournament mode just as SF IV … I dont know if it still has tournament mode cause I dont play anymore, Anyway I stopped ranking, now I am seeking for good lobby matches, I have several tough friends and its less annoying than watching 1K streak wins, and ragequitting… lol but… as novril said in his videos, we people have to learn to deal with sh*t haha

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You get rage quitters on PS3? I have 600+ matches played and I’ve only had 2 or 3 people disconnect on me. Both were predictable too because they were both around 99% win ratio. Guess they couldn’t figure out how to switch it off fast enough a couple times.

I have several rage quitters, the one I remember most… when I was on my rank up battle for beeing Masterlord… I fought against a phoenix team…
I killed both of his non phoenix caracters, I killed phoenix, I killed Dark Phoenix, and then he rage quit! thus I have to had another fight to rank up.
Its good that rage quit index is not high though, but it sucks anyway.

By the way… cheating also leads to a perfect record without ragequitting <----- this really sucks!

Leaderboard boosting is even more pointless in this game than most as there’s no replace anything so being at the top of the leaderboard doesn’t accomplish shit other than confusing someone who may fight and expose you down the road.

If it’s such a big deal, capcom has to take some responsibility for the outcome. The players aren’t doing anything illegal to keep their score, they’re just exploiting a flaw in the system. Capcom should’ve just counted DCs as a loss like they do in SSF4.

I guess people really will do anything for a #. Only legit players I’ve come across have between a 75%-90% win ratio (with a healthy amount of games). But in the end, it’s lolonline. Maybe the next MvC3 will have a more refined system that people won’t waste their time with.

This is not ilegal, but you know u are cheating, thus ethically its not correct, say, system here permits me to talk sh*t about anything, doing so I may get banned for wrong behavior,
and as I said before this should be a list of “some sort of skilled players” not a list of “top cheater” players, I dont wanna be up in the leaderboard for that. A flaw in the system are also ragequitters, but they are suposedly punished. So I would really like to expect that If you are doing wrong your account can be banned or you can recive some sort of punish… Its not that hard, for every Win ther should be one loss, a perfect balance, now there are far more wins than losses.

I love how some people just deny anybody who happens to be good and on a top spot in the leaderboards… Because “its only an online leaderboard”… Dont get me wrong, IT IS JUST AN ONLINE LEADERBOARD… But a lot of people happen to be good and somewhat care about it…

Remember Viscant? He is in the top ten, remember diosx?? He is up there too… Omg itz andre, atashiwa, and many other are in the top 50… And those are pretty decent players.

The attitude in this boards towards anything that is not offline its always the same… Shitty…

Quoted for truth.

I like this.

On top of that, at least unlike SSF4 (based on my knowledge of SSF4, not AE), it’s pretty obvious if someone is cheating their consecutive wins. Last I recall, on XBL there were a healthy number of people who had like 300ish consecutive wins and it was like that since I had the game (not too far from the release date). For most of last year and part of this year, the top XBL SSF4 player was a cheater who often name changed (I.e. Cat Girl). A little bit of research will show that what’s done in the dark eventually comes to the light. Same person was once topping the MvC3 charts and there are youtube videos of their matches showing that they’re not really good at all.

I dunno if PSN or XBL is gonna ban people for cheating on a leaderboard and I really don’t think they should unless it was really doing damage. However, it would be funny if this game did come with a replay mode like AE’s where you can see the “pro” player’s matches… the ones they don’t ragequit anyway.

This kinda belongs in the PSN forum. XBLA > PSN, as far as I know, as regards cheating.