Leading a scrub to water

So, against my better judgement, I got into an argument with someone who I can only describe as a scrub as well as an admitted ragequitter at a certain other website (coughunitycough). Basic gist of it was I tried to tell the guy that what he was doing and what he believe in was wrong and that he should learn how to play to win. Long story short, he ended up flaming me and he’s most likely going to get another warning from the mods (he already got one from a thread where he claimed that Chun was low tier in TvC and me and a couple ofposters, including some who cross post here told him off).

But the point is, is it really impossible for someone to step in and turn a guy so set in his scrubby “spammers are cheap” mentality and actually “show them the light” so to speak? Or am I just doing it wrong (and coming off as a pompous elitist prick by mentioning s-kill and sirlin’s articles and telling him to read SRK)?

Lead him to water, and if that doesn’t work, drown his ass in it.

to be honest I think a lot of players don’t really get what fighting games are all about

I think alot of players just don’t care.

At this point, I probably shouldn’t either. But having been a member of that site from when it was still decent and guys like Ultra David and SabrE used to post there, it pains me when I see it reduced to such scrubbery.

That’s just how most gamers are, they really don’t care about seeing a game reach it’s full potential. They just want instant gratification and that’s it. Once they’re done oddling over graphics or playing it with their friends they move on to the next thing.

You have to pick your battles when it comes to stuff like that. This guy is willfully ignorant … he’s played FG’s long enough to know, but prefers to say “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU” when someone calls him on it.

You’ve done your part man. When someone is so stuck in that mindset, there’s little to nothing you can do to get them out of it, it’s really up to them at that point. I’ve had to deal with people with that mindset on fighting games as well. If they stick to them long enough, usually they come around and realize what a dumbass they use to be… sometimes. No guarantee though.

He’s soooooo maaaaaaaaad

Sometimes it works but it tends to take time and experience on the scrub’s behalf to notice it.

Dude you was arguing with is just a straight up idiot though, not worth even pointing him to the water, just leave the information there so he doesn’t end up breeding more scrubs with his posts.

Yeah, should have figured that out from his earlier Chun Li thread. Seth was right, you can lead 'em to water, but you can’t get 'em all to think.

That ragequitter can as well say that he refuses to cross the street because it spams moving cars at him (which take away 90% of his health on hit), and never leave his apartment, lol. And his “I decide what to like and what not to like”, in this context is “I like color red, so I refuse to cross the street except on red light”

If you cannot lead scrub to water, lead the water (Suija or Sogetsu) to scrub and spam the watery stuff until he drowns, the he reads Suija’s winquote “On your knees, Im a god” and becomes enlightened.

in teh words of jeremy “you can lead a noob to water but u can’t make him drink”

You’ll notice this guy wasn’t just applying cheapness to videogames, he even mentioned that Tyson knocking people out in the first round was stupid and deprived people of a good match. I bet he also complains “cheap” when someone in MMA uses grappling to win. You aren’t going to change his mind but others just starting out may see your posts and at least put thought into them.

Also, why is it these guys ALWAYS claim they were a part of the OG Fight scene then say stuff like “if you threw fireballs in my arcade we’d kick your ass”? Fuck off, no you wouldn’t have.

There’s nothing wrong with people who want instant gratification.

There’s nothing wrong with being a casual gamer and not taking a game seriously, or caring about it’s ‘full potential.’

That’s different than being a scrub. Scrubs thing they take the game seriously and know the intricacies when they have no clue. There’s a difference between someone who’s not good and knows what he needs to do to improve, and someone who takes no effort to get better, and would rather cry.

Don’t hate on casual gamers, they pitch in their money too, so that new fighting games can go into development. They have different goals than the competitive community and that’s fine. Scrubs just think they are competitive and whine/make excuses while refusing to get better at the game.

Just like everything in life OP, you cannot force someone to change their ways unless they themselves are willing to make the commitment to get better. If they never are motivated to improve, it’s not worth trying to get them to see the errors of their ways. They won’t listen until they are ready to stop being scrubs. Problem is that most scrubs dont think of themselves as scrubs, and as such, will never change.

Lead him like a lamb to the slaughter, if he wants to win he’ll change.

^damn, that was deep

Why do you care about this guy? He’s just some guy from the internet. It’s not like you are trying to convince your RL friend to play so you’ll have competition.

gamefaqs syndrome is spreading everywhere :frowning:

There really isn’t a point in wasting your breath on that massive weaboo.