League of Legends player Attempts Suicide Following Scandal





we almost had 1 less LoL player in the world, shucks


Life ain’t a game, you can’t just rage quit like that.


Suicide my ass. Looks like we got ourselves a motha’ fuckin’ attempted murder!

Don’t get your hands dirty in that Korean eSports drama.


This is what happens when Chris G becomes a LoL player.


The fact that he was paid to suck at games reminds me all too much of DSP.


Yea, but DSP has no talent.


He tried to go out like a champ. :coffee:


He said he would intentionally lose but tried to win? I guess he didn’t live up to his…Promise.


This guy is seriously one bad ass motherfucker. You got dudes in Rush Hour 1 and Rush Hour 2 dying by falling from heights like that. This motherfucker lived and this isn’t a damn movie.


Breakaway roof saved him.


I expected at this point in the thread to see someone make the joke about Koreans quitting somethin as soon as they lose.


As problematic as things in the US are, these Asian countries and third world countries are much worse. There’s very little freedom to do anything there, people are born into poverty and then are powerless to get anywhere. Part of the problem is it’s illegal for regular citizens to ever defend themselves. So the only people that are allowed to have any power are…those already in power. Criminals, corrupt government officials and cops.

I doubt anybody REALLY wants to be a gold farmer or lose games like this guy, but their meager talent draws the eyes of people who immediately will exert power over them.


Pantheon player, I’m guessing.


Look at that shoddy roof construction.
If I fall on something from a 12 storey drop, I expect to be liquidized and the area around my impact to be a gory monument to my destruction.
Fuck a coma. I want to be atomized and cascade down into the mouths of children.


Actually this story is pretty sad. I hope he recovers and is able to game again. :tup:


Don’t worry, US is trying its best to catch up!


So his honor was disgraced bs

He was probably saying shit to expose the sham and extort more money

Instead he gets extorted out a window

Also lol at serpent calling south korea harsh to freedom

Too much shit you can get away with there
And it’s not third world

Or some wierd blue balled shut in country like japan

Fuck outta here with your again ignorant remarks

South Korea is not really all that harsh of a country. Pretty liberal, and people can be themselves if they want. The plastic surgery is more of a world issue. Look at all our american/european females with their plastic surgery.

It just sounds like you think every asian country is stuck in a communist type fo state where everybody is stuck where they are.

No, that’s just the whole world no matter what country you are in


He wasn’t trying to off himself, just trying to shoot back down to the basement as quick as possible.

Ain’t no-one got time for stairs.


Reported for intentionally feeding