League of Legends thread 2.0! UPDATES ON FIRST POST!


New to League of Legends? Have no clue what it is? The second post will contain all you need to know! (w.i.p.)
Okay everyone, this is a continuation of our first league of legends thread. This is the thread to post up any tips, ask questions, find people to queue with or just sit and rage because you are in elo hell.

The first couple of posts will contain the latest updates to the game, current champ rotation, useful links to guides or anything else you may need. I will try to have it as a continued work in progress so if there is ever anything that needs to be updated or changed feel free to PM me in game or on SRK about it.

Latest News

A new champion approaches! Nocturne, the Eternal Nightmare

Upcoming Malphite skin!
Upcoming Sivir skin!
New Splash art for Tryn!
New Splash art for Veigar!

-Need a guide?-


-Want to watch a stream?-

Don’t be lame, join the SRK lol chatroom! ‘SRK’ in all caps!

**SRK League of legends player list (SRK handle // LOL IGN)

Negaduck // Negaduck
free // iSniperVII
k4polo // Darkorchid
DaFeetLee // PatrickROAR
Hawk // HawkSRK
r3y // thepatient
Tolore // Tolore
Divinechaos97 // Divinechaos97
Symbolic // Symbolic101
Pwnagemachine // poxXx
r00ster22 // Babygrenades
Forgenjuro // Forgenjuro
zeontheunborn // zeontheunborn
ragingstormX // jeffhizzle
SRKev // Gadzooks
Hughmad // Hardballzdeep
Shawnloganownzu // Slogan8r
Philth // PedoFeelya
SuicidalGrandpa // SuicidalGrandpa
Herbalboost // Kush Kang
Fireiswet // Fireiswet
raeli // The Mighty Raeli;DAVID SIRLIN;YANCY FRY
tsurael // tsurael
Jaymoozoo // Jaymooz
Kayroh // Joejones
Darkshy // Darkshy
minii // saetiabelle
davidhh87 // Buddizle


For those of you interested in League of Legends



Reserved 2


Reserved 3


Still playing.

Nidalee is fun.


it still puzzles me how, after the entire team is dead, mid is pushed to the nexus towers, people still feel the need to break top and bottom towers before just winning the fucking game.

I swear to god I don’t know who taught that mentality to players but I would punch them so hard in the dick.


People love to dick around and try to let the other team get farmed up. I have been thinking about getting back into LOL at least to deal with the seemingly endless wait until DotA2 or Diablo III.


I need to play some of you SRK cats some time. Probably better than me.
I am no noob but not really pro.

IGN: DarkOrchid


IGN: PatrickROAR

I’m usually always playing with irl friends but if we need an extra person or we’re doing an inhouse, I can invite you guys :D.


Truly this is a signal of the end of days.

IGN: HawkSRK. Level 30. I have full rune pages and a bunch of heroes and a decent rating and stuff.

Invite me to your games, pick whoever you want, and I’ll last pick and fill out the team. I play everything from alistar to cassiopea.

EDIT: leaguecraft.com and mobafire.com are good links to stick in the OPs.


You can add me to the list if you want.

IGN : NinjaCW

Level 30.

I can play around 80% of the characters but my best characters are AP Nukes as that’s what role I usually am with my friends.


mmm that new thread smell!


I’m a mediocre LoL player that is usually on AP burst and support champions. I’m usually playing with RL friends but when I’m not feel free to invite me.


IGN: tolore

a lot of the time I’m playing I’m already playing with 3-5 man premades though so I’ll probably reject a lot of invitations.

Also xin zhao is stupid good. I played him a bit yesterday in the solo lane, I only lost when I got outplayed, I felt like I should have won every lane, even anivia(she juked me in the bushes really well, if I had been more patient I would have downed her easy). People like annie and ashe stand basically no chance against him, at level 2 they either flash or die, then after that they either get zoned or die.


IGN: DivineChaos97

I’d love to play with you guys some time, feel free to add me. I’m a level 5 as I hardly play, and when I do it’s usually with randoms. I’m still pretty scrubby but it’d be great if I leveled my game up by playing with SRKers.


IGN: Symbolic101


IGN: PoxXx

I play with primarily a 3-4 man over skype send me a msg if interested.


Lol I thought the 2.0 thread was a lost cause LOL!
I’ve been trying to learn nidalee since she looks fun. She is a pain in the ass -.- I feel like her learning curve is steep.

My IGN: Darkshy


Took me a game or two to get her down too, plays alot like Feral Druid PvP in WoW. A druid with a spear that does 1/3 of peoples health…


IGN: Babygrenades

I can play anyone, I just don’t have everyone.


Name: Forgenjuro

still in rehab mode. trying to grind some points to buy and use the heroes that i dont know well yet.