League of Legends

Just wondering if anyone is playing this… Apparently they went free to play even tho if you want to unlock all the characters or at least most of them right away you’ll have to pay 20 bucks. However you can save up your creds you earn in games and buy them one by one… Either way its free so check it out if you haven’t already…



I have something called Dota, it’s better and it’s free.

Oh, Fuck HoN. :slight_smile:

i play this. ever since i started playin this i haven’t touched dota. its alot more organized. i havent spent a nickle on this game and already own all the heros i play with and wanted. game is fun as hell

There’s already a thread here:


Not quite, you still have to pay for WarcraftIII =)

Ahh didn’t see there was a post already… Soo many threads lol…