League of the Advent Gamers (L.A.G) Tournament July 30th - August 1st


Get ready for the brawl of the summer!!!

L.A.G Tournament will be held July 30th to August 1st!!

Location: Ohio State University Mansfield Student Union (Eisenhower) 1760 University Drive

$25 fer the weekend

$5 per tournament entry


* Gears of War
* NBA 2k 10 (or 9 by popular demand)
* Madden 10


* Super Street Fighter 4
* Tekken 6
* Soul Calibur 4
* Blaz Blue
* Tatsunoko vs. Capcom
* Marvel vs. Capcom 2
* Street Fighter 2 HD Remix
* Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike



* Stepmania

Tournaments will be held with xbox 360 console systems. This is our first Tournament so if there are those that are willing to help out and bring systems and TVs, we will take $10 off yer registration fee!!! Hotel information will be updated very soon.


I dont have a 360 stick

i was just wondering. i just want to come for the fighting game day and im interested in doing the tourneys. the problem is i dont have a stick for 360 are you having 360 sticks for people who doesnt have one. and how much do i have to pay if i wanna stay just for one day?? thanks