League Points don't update in main menu

I used the forum search and couldn’t find anything, so sorry if this has been asked before, but…
I played 4 matches of ranked yesterday and after match 2, on the win screen, I got some kind of “failed to send data” message. Not a server disconnect, not a ragequit (I think?) just a message that no data could be sent. Now, I was awarded League Points for that win but they don’t update in the main menu. Played two more matches after that with no error messages and the points are still where they were 4 matches ago. Now, this is ONLY in the main menu. Before a battle, on the VS screen, the correct, updated amount of points is displayed. So it’s not a huge problem but it still shouldn’t be like that…I’d just like to see my real LP displayed in the main menu.

Im finding a couple of bits slightly strange. For example my last played date is 1906 and apparently my percentages are all set to zero. Very odd.


anyone else have a solution yet?

I don’t have this particular problem, but there are a bunch of UI glitches that have been driving me crazy. For instance:
-rankings don’t update until I restart the game
-after I play for a while the loading screen poops and shows “–” in place of both players’ LP and ranking
-the little wheel of “power/discipline/respect” only shows a number for power and the other ones are empty - is this intentional?

this too.

Same here

Apparently there is nothing we can do. It’s a bug, but it’s been brought to Capcom’s attention already. Hopefully a fix will come out with this month’s patch.

Yeah it’s entirely screwed up. “Not ranked” is common to show on ranked people and nothing in Fighter Profile tends to populate at all

Curious thing is, it didn’t start out like this. 2 and a half weeks in this bug just…happened.

Talked about this earlier. The profile is off too. It shows me as a rookie with LVL 0 character. The pie chart is either always off or non existent and my wins or losses show i’m hugely offensive, but I’m always mainly ranked as balanced or defensive.

Go figure.

and 1906 lol

the – in place of LP and rank are from the server not retrieving that info, try loading into training and back out, that will send another request to retrieve said info.