Leaked Character List Reveals Juri For SF X Tekken

http://blit.com.mx/2011/08/spoiler-alert-todos-los-personajes-de-street-fighter-x-tekken/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed: blitmx (Blit)

The source is the same dude thats leaked the characters in Super and both versions of Marvel.

Its looking good for Juri if this holds any value.


Lupinko, well known for leaking the list of Super Street Fighter IV and give some characters in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 says those are all the characters from Street Fighter x Tekken.

We can ensure that it is good at what he does but has not always been the point.


Ryu / Ken Masters

Chun Li / Cammy White

Guile / Abel

Dhalsim / Sagat

Hugo Andor / Poison

Cody / Guy

Sodom / Rolento

Ibuki / Makoto

Zangief / Rainbow Mika

Kasugano Sakura / Karin Kanzuki

Mayor Bison / Juri Han

Secret Character: Evil Ryu and Akuma.


Kazuya Mishima / Nina Williams

King / Craig Marduk

Julia Chang / Bob

Hwoarang / Steve Fox

Yoshimitsu / Raven

Jin Kazama / Ling Xiaoyu

Bryan Fury / Jack

Lars Alexandersson / Alisa Boskonovitch

Paul Phoenix / Law (not sure which of the two if Forrest and Marshall)

Asuka Kazama / Emilie de Rochefort

Heihachi Mishima / Kuma

Secret Character: Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin

In addition to exclusive to each console, which said nothing. How about this list?

Actually i read up on this abit more and now people are saying that its not really a leaked list but some wishlist people are trying to pass off as a Lupinko leak…might have jumped the gun abit.

edit: Hey maybe it will become a reality if the rumor gets big enough.

So apparently its based on those posts or so ive read, its hard to tell though, it wouldnt be the first time people try to impersonate Lupinko

I was freakin out when I read the title… Don’t fuck with me like that

Way to get my hopes up there.

Would be cool if this turns out true. That list certainly is … reasonable. It also contains every character I would want to see in the game + few interesting extras.

I personally think it fairly likely we’ll see Juri in SFxT, but lets see what happens :wink:

If it was real, sucks that Lei Wu Long didnt make it in. Would be a good stance changing character to have.

I think she’d fit the art style nicely with her eye glowing.

Same -_- lock the thread

Dont worry guys, this’ll become a reality in no time. Gotta have faith.

Juri Hwaiting!

Should have been posted in the End of her Reign thread…

Yo get hype for possibilities! I really think this list would work…seems legit. All of the characters seem very possible. Juri, Lili, Hwoarang, Poison, Raven, Xiaoyu…so many characters I’m interested in. Mixed in with other characters I always wanted to play like Ibuki, Makoto, Cody…

This game just seems like so much more fun all of a sudden.

As long as there’s no Urien, I hope it’s fake.

Lol I hope this is true, I need this to be true. Both my mains(Akuma/Juri) in SFxT would be sick:rock:. I would never use any other team. Make it happen Capcom.

No Haggar? He was in the trailer…

OMFG…LARS!!! Lars and Poison baybeh. Wait…ITS JUST A RUMOR LIST WTF

What a letdown lol. It hurts so much. Can a mod change the title?

This isnt saying its 100% false.

I wouldn’t mind if this was legit, mainly because Makoto is on it. She is my entire wishlist.

Why are you here? lol