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Its still relevant with DLC coming. Alot of it was spot on in retrospect and its really interesting to look at now that the game is out. Gives some insight into what and who we are and arent getting.

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The only remaining stage is Metro City. There are 8 altogether (in addition to the final boss’ stage). #mvc3

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The remaining Capcom characters are Hsien-Ko, Haggar and Akuma. #mvc3

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The remaining Marvel characters are Phoenix, Sentinel and Taskmaster. #mvc3

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Akuma and Taskmaster are hidden characters. #mvc3

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Galactus is the final boss. #mvc3

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There will be 2 DLC stages. #mvc3

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There will be downloadable characters in addition to Jill and Shuma-Gorath, but not many. Set realistic expectations. #mvc3

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Frank was removed from the game over the summer for technical reasons. The silhouettes were never meant to fool anybody… he WAS in. #mvc3

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Hsien-Ko and Phoenix will be revealed at Jump Festa this weekend. #mvc3

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Haggar, Sentinel, and the Metro City stage will be revealed in January. #mvc3

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Akuma and Taskmaster will be revealed in February. #mvc3

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The creative deadline was in September. Frank was pulled about two months prior, and there was no time to add a new character in his place. (cont’d) The workload was too heavy as it was. Capcom had to make the decision to pull a Marvel character to even the roster out. (cont’d) Shuma-Gorath was removed from the game to even the sides, and the decision was made to offer him as DLC.

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There are no rivals per se, but the roster was created with counterparts in mind. This leads to style balances between the two parties.

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Fun fact: Juggernaut was intended to be Haggar’s counterpart - brown-clad, hulking characters. Juggernaut was canned and replaced with Sent.

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Juggernaut and other such characters were replaced early in development. There was never any actual development done on Juggernaut. #mvc3

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I was asked about this - Jean Grey’s official name in the game is Phoenix. Not sure if that hurts Phoenix Wright’s chances as DLC. #mvc3

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Speaking of DLC, I’m told that a lot (all?) has already been planned, but nearly everybody is in the dark about it at this point in time.

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Don’t expect DLC news until well into next year. #mvc3 ( leaked list from 2010 )

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"I Wanna Take You For a Ride" plays during the end credits. #mvc3

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Fun fact: Viewtiful Joe tags in Hsien-Ko as “Lei-Lei” and Akuma as “Gouki.” #mvc3

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Stage details: “Metro City” - slums with several run-down buildings; NPCs fighting in the background #mvc3

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I was asked this - I am not affiliated with Lupinko, but what I have seen from him is totally legit. And no, I do not work FOR Capcom.

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Mega Man was one of the first characters ruled out - offers nothing unique, says devs. Arthur was added to fill his shoes. #mvc3

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Akuma has some tricks up his sleeve, but nothing substantial. Mostly visual. In the game because of his MvC history as first crossover char. [Editor’s note - he appeared has a hidden playable character in X-Men Children of the Atom.]

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Episode 3 trailer finally coming VERY soon. Sooner than you might think! #mvc3

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Yes, there will be select DLC costumes for some chars. Only a handful. These will be “model swaps” as opposed to the in-game texture swaps.

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Haha, not sure WHO is getting DLC costumes. Too early. If I had to guess it would be people with significant looks like Spencer & Jill.

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Fun fact: In earliest stages of roster consideration, Capcom was going to include a giant character per side, but decided that was too TvC.

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Funny that the game’s top series (SF & X-Men) don’t have stages. #mvc3

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Fun fact: Next time you see S-Kill, thank him for bringing Storm and Sentinel back. #mvc

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The final character select screen is more or less the same as the one you’ve been seeing, design-wise. Hasn’t been re-done like some think.

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No moving cutscenes in Arcade. Just still images done in a “gritty” style. Don’t expect a full-fledged cinematic experience. Very basic.

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For those asking - my Twitter BG is for fun. Darkstalkers and Final Fight are among my favorite Capcom series. Looks mysterious though, eh?

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Lots coming at Jump Festa. First new playable build in a while. #mvc3

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New playable build, Hsien-Ko & Phoenix reveals, new trailer. #mvc3 #jumpfesta

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@Carlos09e No Elektra, but she was considered for a while, actually. She made it through to the last round of roster discussions.

@kittypridefan Black Widow was never considered to my knowledge in any capacity.

@OhEsEm Producer Niitsuma-san is a BIG fan of Hsien-Ko and the Darkstalkers series. You can thank him.

@MCseblo Galactus is the final boss, but he is not a playable character.

@Carlos09e Hand stage is not for a specific char. The stage was designed before the final roster was decided.

@SonyaNavy Niitsuma likes her [Hsien-ko], and Niitsuma wanted to include more “fighting game characters.”

@Cazza_91 Phoenix Wright was never seriously considered, but I do remember casual talk of him. Devs never took him seriously.

@EmperialDonut [About Taskmaster] Basically an amalgam character (borrowed moves) plus bow & arrow. Pretty unique as far as Vs. games go.

@LLEIII [About Phoenix’s Outfit] Green with gold sash and details.

@Colonyoo A lot have been mentioned by others. Doc Ock was suggested, but Capcom preferred to use Spencer. Dhalsim-esque Mr. Fantastic.

@EmperialDonut [About Taskmaster] Borrowed moves period. His moveset doesn’t change.

@MCSlumLord [Why isn’t Jin or Rival Schools included?] Not sure the exact reasons, but they were never really discussed. Not important enough I guess?

@alex_mmorales Venom was discussed internally by Capcom, but Marvel didn’t really want him in.

@CyanChosis [Asking about Psylocke] Never brought up much as far as I know. Elektra was a popular name during development, though.

@alex_mmorales [What is in store for DLC?] Chars, stages, and costumes. None of us “underlings” in America are clued into that stuff yet, but it’s all been planned.

@videogame554 No Spider-Woman. Never considered.

@THECaseyLee [About Haggar] Honestly, yeah, he’s a LOT like Zangief - no getting around that. But he does have some Final Fight goodies like weapons.

@DanteKong Never heard anything about Iron Fist. There wasn’t a TON of Marvel discussion on my side, though.

@Gary2Gold [About Frank’s technical issues] Frank had a bunch of RAM problems that nobody knew about until the game went online for the first time.

@Rvgarafola Haven’t seen or heard anything Jill-related yet. Her character is still being worked on as far as I know. (cont’d) Zombies were problematic for Frank, so I’d guess Jill is being retooled. Just a guess.

@Colonyoo [On Gene from God Hand] Never heard his name once, honestly.

@Gioface [Asking about Galactus, and if Doom and Wesker are sub bosses] Hard to explain in tweet form - all 3 are sort of the final boss. You fight all 3 on one team at the same time.

@alex_mmorales DLC should keep you busy through 2011.

@IbukiKef [On the number of alt colors per charcter] 4 that I know of. I’ll check for sure next week, but I’m 99% certain that there are 4 each.

@Isoko1 [Bison for DLC?] Yes, he was one of the more discussed names late last year. Akuma nabbed the SF villain spot, though.

@SGTDororo M. Bison, yeah, Ms. Marvel, no. Surprising because Marvel has been pushing her

@Megalax89 [On his source] Well… I don’t want to get anyone in trouble. But word travels fast in SoCal… lol. Lots of 3rd parties have had hands-on.

@_syrup16g [Are DLC characters decided on, or completed?] Determined, yes (for the most part), made, no. Shuma-Gorath is complete, Jill isn’t.

@GreenPipeMario Some of the guys at Capcom USA wanted Blade, but he’s too similar to Dante/Chris.

@Mlepore36 The intro is cinematic, but that’s it. The endings are static images.

@Dandy_J [On netcode quality being like SF4] Not sure, sorry. Tests from San Mateo to San Mateo and San Mateo to Japan were equally smooth, though. Could slow w/ more people.

@Colonyoo The only characters actually “cut from the disc” are Human Torch and Frank West, and we probably won’t see them as DLC.

@landocondo [On Taskmaster’s Outfit] He’s blue with a white cape/hood. I’m not familiar with which is which, so I dunno if that’s the original or Udon.

@Colonyoo The one name that has been thrown around on my side for DLC is Chuck Greene, but that’s not to say he’ll definitely be included.

@SGTDororo [Are Shuma and Jill on disc?] Not sure. I’ve seen Shuma with my own eyes, so there’s that. But Jill isn’t done yet.

@BrightBro [Does Phoenix come back after death with 5 bars? Does anyone else have anything similar?] Phoenix is the only character with a “mode” like that.

@fworldemperoror [Were any Cosmic characters considered?] Thanos and Silver Surfer, but never heard Nova or Quasar.

@JawesomeJaw [Was Doctor Strange discussed?] Never heard him mentioned - odd because of Shuma and Dormammu.

@apurvasaini [What about Ms Marvel? What other Marvel Ladies were considered? ]Ms. Marvel was never really brought up as far as I know by either side. Elektra and Emma Frost were both thrown around.

@Adelflame Strider was a talked-about character so it’s always possible. Again, I don’t know who’s getting in as DLC. That’s away from me.

@SGTDororo I didn’t hear much about Gambit and Charlie. Dev team wanted Cyclops, though, but Marvel didn’t.

@Colonyoo [On DLC pricing] I definitely don’t know anything about pricing, haha. Way out of my league.

@Rvgarafola [Did X-23 replace Psylocke?] I’d guess they just didn’t want her in. X-23 didn’t replace anybody.

@rotomrocks12312 [Are you close to the development team?] I’ve got to be careful - I work “around” them.

@Arkrados Niitsuma loves Darkstalkers and as I understand it Talbain is one of his favorites, but to be realistic - don’t expect DS DLC.

@GreenPipeMario Pretty sure B.B. Hood was never planned!

@rotomrocks12312 Frank was removed for similar reasons to Human Torch - memory issues.

@Mlepore36 Human Torch was designed to be engulfed in constant flame - this caused slowdown. Frank’s zombie Supers caused slowdown online.

@AlbertusWesker 4 buttons = different color

@Poison_for_SSF4 Poison WAS discussed a bit, actually. She has an NPC model in the Metro City stage, though.

As long as I get my Psycho fix in some DLC…

I believe that kleenox guy revealed himself to be a bullshitter about a month or so before release. So, basing any speculation based on this guy is a lost cause.

No this twitter account was deleted. You are referring to a different twitter account.

The only legit info klennox posted was just x-copied from public interviews and Lupinko. Why are you making a thread about his tweets?

S-kill brought Sentinel back? Of course he did.

No look again, a lot of this info turned out legit without Lup, such as the endings.

most of it is applicable.

I’ve been praying for Chuck Greene as DLC ever since I heard this. That and Ms. Marvel.

After the way things have turned out I would have rather had Juggernaut… As much as I like the character Sentinel isn’t fun with all the controversy surrounding him, would have been better to have Juggernaut so I could head crush some fools… Plus Team Z would have been shit tons of fun…

Word, Juggs woulda been way cooler than Sentinel’s outrageous self. As if there aren’t enough bigger characters already, we got to have the godlike return as even more godlike? Thanks, S-Kill!

Most of this info seems to add up with what we know now, however the bit about Doc Ock doesn’t quite measure up to what he said… I’m 110% sure he made it into the final rounds, and whether he was “cut from the disc” or simply planned as DLC, he wasn’t replaced by anyone else. (The tweets suggest Spencer replaced him, and that itself doesn’t even make sense, as one of them is Marvel, and the other is Capcom… You generally don’t opt out of a character on one side to put someone “similar” on the opposite side… Doesn’t make a lot of sense.)

The comment about shuma getting cut along with Frank is contrary to the official statements about shuma’s inclusion too.

I never payed attention nor did I care for this game until 3 days prior to release. This is hella cool to see that most of it’s right.

@Mlepore36 Human Torch was designed to be engulfed in constant flame - this caused slowdown. Frank’s zombie Supers caused slowdown online.

Well fix Frank west then! If it was only online problems then you can make it less flashy or something online. But if offline no problems, DLC!

@Poison_for_SSF4 Poison WAS discussed a bit, actually. She has an NPC model in the Metro City stage, though.


What official statement?

Stop! You’re upsetting me! Frank and Juggernaut were my two most wanted characters and the fact that Juggernaut is most likely not going to make the game tears me up inside and makes me wanna cry :frowning:

Niitsuma claimed that Marvel didn’t want shuma in, but allowed it when it was proposed he be a DLC character rather than on the core roster.

The Jugg vs Sent thing is pretty strange, since they’re completely different character styles… and it’s Marvel’s fault we don’t get him. Plus Sent is a badass.

This. Everything he said, except for unverifiable bullshit like “character X wasn’t considered” and “Niitsuma wanted X”, was either taken from Lupinko or wrong.

Two wrongs:

  1. He claimed “Take You For A Ride” played during the ending credits.
  2. He said Hsien-ko and Phoenix would be unveiled at Jump Festa. Niitsuma says he never planned to do anything for Jump Festa, but decided to bring a new build since people were so hyped.

Plus, I tweeted him to ask him for details about Phoenix; I asked him for a visual description of ANY of her moves, and he couldn’t give me one. He just kept saying general crap like “she has projectiles and uses a lot of fire” - no shit. Finally, he claimed that he really hasn’t seen Phoenix in use yet, he just knows she’s in there. The guy had nothing going for him, but people believed him because he copied everything Lupinko said.

Edit: I believe this is also false.

These are also contradictory. Memory issues, or networking issues? Seth Killian said the team has absolutely no problems with Frank West RAM-wise.

Wait what? He said that? Where?