Leaked SF IV DLC

So there bringin back sean

Why was I able to correctly guess the OP’s join date?

lmao… so I think I find this funny.

Not to mention seans flag should be brazil… >__>

Old…fake…and fail.

I lol’ed.

I know its fake, but I can dream, cant I?

I lol’d so hard.

As everyone said, that’s just a shitty photoshop of Ken’s character select picture

Also, Sean’s flag should show Brazil

You idiots. SF4 takes place before SF3.

This is when Sean is in the US training with Ken which is why he’s from the US.

That is a legit picture.

lol @ photoshop failure.

I liked when Dudley was leaked because I like to play Dudley because he’s a cool character and I think he would be fun to play in SF4.

That dude needs some lemon pledge


IS this legit because ya know… I lol’d sooo

Dude in the picture needs to use a duster once in a while.

wow …vacuum your floor.


why did i lol so hard?

Yeah, and dust the cabinet… :confused:


where is iori? i saw my best friend’s cousin’s girlfriend’s brother’s dad’s neighbor’s son’s dog’s vet pick him

it was nasty with ticks and flea’s and shit… he did a lvl 3 and yer mom just annihilated everything…

i know ya got pics…

no? go inhale fire…