Leaking CO2 Fumes in McDonald's Bathroom Sends Nine to Hospital, One Dead


Couldn’t make this shit up if I tried…


From other articles I read, one of them was an 80-yr old woman who ended up dying. It was revealed a week later that the cause was a CO2 hose that had ruptured and leaked into the bathroom vents.




Did someone mix bleach and ammonia?


Dammit DRD, you gotta lay of that Mexican food.


UPDATE: A broken CO2 line (used to mix the beverages) that runs in the wall near the restroom was the culprit. http://www.cnn.com/2011/CRIME/09/14/georgia.mcdonalds.death/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

And Bachman says that CO2 isn’t harmful… How about we put her in an enclosed room, fill it up with CO2, and she’ll see how harmless it truly is…


I thought carbon dioxide was odorless?


lol it is, unless there was an odor added to it just in case something went terribly wrong just like they do with natural gas…

Man, it’s so hard to think of puns and shit, one day imma get my shine on like the OG’s…


Misleading title is misleading.

Here I thought people were suffocating cuz some dude took a shit of epic proportions.


So something leaked & people got hurt, why is there a thread for this? Its not even funny…


I went with what I had at the time. ^^;

Because it’s news and people might not hear about it otherwise. As for it not being funny, there are plenty of news threads around here that aren’t funny, such as the unfortunate black man who was killed by two white kids last month. All threads around here don’t have to be funny.


Here’s a youtube link on the report.
lol @ the title of the video. Damn, so it’s like that?

McDonalds, man…


Well there is a news thread & even i doubt this is worthy of it…There is nothing intriguing about this news…


wonder how much of a cash settlement mcd is gonna pay out to these lottery winners

big money, big prizes.