Learn from Nature (Milwaukee, WI 07-24-2010) Results

Super Street Fighter 4

  1. Big Marcus (Bison)
  2. Jeremy W (Zangief)
  3. Humbag (Dudley, Rog, possibly otheres)
  4. Soloist (Rog)
  5. Organous (Gief, probably T-Hawk)
  6. Headtap (Vega)
  7. Eugene
  8. L.O.P.E
  9. Aki
  10. Nate
  11. Madwak
  12. TomatoPancake
  13. Gaijinder
  14. Chun Pai
  15. Cheeks
  16. Footmeetsskull
  17. Derek
  18. Chazro
  19. Gandara
  20. Saucepan Man
  21. David
  22. SRWPyrit
  23. Scruffy
  24. Syxx
  25. Price
  26. Nelson
  27. choppie_choppie
  28. Hickory Hammer
  29. Shinwolverine

Super Street Fighter 2 HDR

  1. Syxx
  2. Humbag
  3. Aki
  4. Footmeetskull
  5. Emptyshiki
  6. Organous

Tatsunoko vs Capcom

  1. EmptyShiki
  2. Humbag
  3. Frankie G
  4. Chazro
  5. SRWPyrit

Tekken 6

  1. Mateogalvan
  2. Marketman Sam
  3. Tick
  4. Kicks
  5. NappyJin
  6. Swift Demon
  7. Tiger
  8. Turbobaek

Thanks everyone for making it out. The extra setups definately help us get through the tournament quickly, and also get casuals stations up quickly. I will no longer be using Tonamento as the long load times at certain times during the tournament kept things from moving as smoothly as they should have, plus on top of that I had to keep writing results down because it was taking forever to refresh. Other than that I got some feedback that things went pretty well. We finished the bulk of the SF4 tournament, outside of the top 4, in under 3 hours on 3 setups, and got through the other events as quickly as possible thanks to the attentiveness of the players.

Just some notes from me, although I could have played better in SF4 the main focus of yesterday for me was to try to make a good impression for the Chicago players who came up to bring some extra class to our local tournament. I would like to see more of you guys come up when we hold our next event. With BBCS coming out next week, expect to see that game in the lineup at the next event. The Tekken players said that they will continue to come so I hope that game remains on the lineup as well. Frankie said he would like to organize TvC at the next event so it might be worth it to leave that game there as well. As long as you guys feel that there aren’t too many games going on it would be nice to see HDR come back as well, but honestly I could take it or leave it.

GGs in every game I played, especially KOF 98! It was a lot of fun to play that game again.

Hope to see all you guys back next time, let’s keep this tournament alive and try to get more people involved. Things can only get better from here.

If you have any suggestions for future tournaments feel free to leave feedback here to let the Matts know what you liked and what you didn’t like because they are still pretty knew at running these events and I’m sure they would appretiate it.


Thanks again for helping out Dan we appreciate it. I have no problem with adding BB CS and letting TVC be run by Frankie. I’d actually like to see TVC stay as well. If Frankie wants to run it that’s fine by me.

Good tourny yall. Loved that bar. The large HDTV so everyone could see was very nice as well.

That server dude was hella chill. Talked with him about random shit like food up at the bar.

Nothing better than playing SF while having a draught beer.

Nice seeing you again James. Maybe with 3S Online announced, people will start playing it seriously again.

Best tournament yet! Had a great time guys. Promise to spend some more time in practice mode next time, so watch out for those U2s and EX Legs

All I gotta say is…fuck Balrog.

Seriously, even tho I went 2 and out, I still had a great time as usual. Can’t wait til August.

ggs to all…congrats to marcus!

awesome showing, good tournament…was nice meeting IL ppl who came up. anyone on xbox wana play gamertag is ElectricGodFist.

Til nex time…

gg all.

Frankie wants to continue TvC ? I’m all for it. I’ll get my execution down and come up with more shenanigans. I saw him go for the Zero + Ryu team and knew I was gonna be seeing that zero crossup again… Same crap that Izzy handed to me down in La Crosse XD

I forgot my glasses so my gaming was a bit off in SSF4 T_T
makes a note to bring glasses next time

Gotta come out to the fight nights to practice

I did, and got some matches with duffman’s Blanka. Solid Blanka. My matchup knowledge has increased.

I wasn’t able to go to Chun Pai’s fight night sadly T_T

Maybe I can swing by for Blazblue: CS, since I won’t get my copy tomorrow… VERY SADLY…

Is it happenin’ at Chun pai’s again? if so, i’ll need the address.

yeah i forgot the exact address, pm him by tonight cuz he can’t access srk from work

Bit of a plug, I posted my experiences with this tournament on my blog: The Masked Carnie: Glass Ceilings Hurt Please let me know if I made any mistakes with my account.

My apologies if I offended anyone by my behavior. I took this tournament very seriously, and was attempting to put myself in whatever mental state would help me in that regard. Last time I competed, I was putting so much pressure on myself that my opponents didn’t really need to do anything. This time, I was attempting to make it feel like any old ranked play online, and I think that did help somewhat. It may have resulted in some careless comments, though. I’m not familiar enough with a tournament atmosphere to think about anything other than myself and the play style of my opponent in that specific game. To comment on my listing, although I do enjoy playing T. Hawk, it has been demonstrated that I do not know him well enough to play competitively. I don’t understand him the way I understand Zangief, and he requires significantly different thinking.
If I were to have input on future tournaments, I’m definitely up for Soul Calibur 4. I understand I’m undoubtedly in the minority, but I love that game. I certainly can’t make it to Madison for their tournaments, though. I’d also like to see (but not yet participate in) Capcom Vs. SNK 2.

cvs2 not gonna happen unless it comes out on XBL and calibur isn’t gonna come back until 5. it sucks but that’s the way it is. There’s just no interest but if you wanna make some pro gamer money in cvs i’ll MM u and i think madwak will too.