Learn how to play on Street Fighter III: 3S Online or SSFIV AE


If you were looking to indoctrinate a friend who was interested in jumping into fighting games, would you start them off with Street Fighter III: 3S Online, or SSFIV AE? Why?


You’ll have better luck with whichever game looks more fun to them.

edit: don’t turn this into a 3S vs SF4 fanboi thread


I think it would be better to start with 3s simply because it requires you to be good, whereas in sf4, its very possible to mash wins. Of course, some people will tell me im wrong, and i will point out that blackhawkxdown, the most famous masher has a shit ton of points, which means, he wins a lot.

3s is a lot tougher to play, and it will take a lot longer to master. However, the things you learn will be a lot more solid


3S plays nothing like a traditional 2D fighter, that game is all about the parry and it teaches you nothing about zoning, positioning or footsies. Because of that it’s an awful choice for someone new to fighting games, they will not be learning the basics of 2D fighters.


Would you not want to that person to establish that fun factor before getting all technical about it? The only way I managed to get friends to play was by letting them mash the hell out of it and still pull out some cool looking moves, thats what kept them playing.

I would start with AE personally. It’s a game, it should be fun!


third strike is fun


I appreciate what you’re getting at (been reading Viscant’s posts have we?) but you’re really way off the mark. 3S is all about midrange footsies (a uniquely 3S form of footsies involving a ton of parry fishing and not much button pressing) and positioning, really to the detriment of anything else.

To answer the OP, it really depends what your aim is. If you just want someone to play with then obviously go with whatever he finds most fun. If he wants to get good at fighting games in general, well, SF4 is more mashy but 3S has far less traditional “fighting game fundamentals”. Both will teach bad and good habits.


i’d start them off with AE because there are more girls in AE to rub one out to

Why pick one? Let em try both, play the one they like more.


Because friend has limited funds to spend on fighting games and a significant other in the “just get one and see if you like it” camp.


Off topic, but is 3S a good cure for someone who has become too mashy in SSFIV?


Let’s just put it this way: back 10 years ago in the arcades you can be sure that there will be long lines for SFA3 and MvC2, and nobody playing 3S. So if you recommend your friend to play 3S don’t blame anyone when it’s the last fighting game he’ll ever play. Like that game or not I think it’s hard to deny that 3S is made for the fighting game elitists and that it doesn’t have a lot of mainstream appeal.


Who cares if it’s not mainstream, and since when has 3rd Strike actually put people off playing fighting games? 3S got me into fighting games, the reason it’s not “mainstream” is because it came out at a time when the arcade scene is slowly dying and Capcom decided to get rid of all the old characters which pissed people off, Japan still has a very good 3S scene that has frequent tournaments in arcades.
This game is not made for “elitists” because those people are not elitists, they are just vocal douchebags and every fanbase has them. It just takes a bit more time to start winning in 3S, it takes time to get good at fighting games in general anyway so consider it a learning experience. I have nothing against SF4 but I personally find 3S much more fun.


Go with AE, if he’s just starting fighters he’s going to want to jump into something he can have fun with right away. Like the older members of the community say, we live in era of instant gratification. He’ll feel like he’s the shit when he pops you with a wake up ultra.

3S is for elitist jackasses that think they’re better then the rest of the community because they’re not 09er’s. If you think your friend would like to be apart of a community that probably doesn’t even want him there, because he hasn’t been playing the game for ten years recommend it to him then. But then again a lot of the SF4 players will at least be trying the game out, so he’ll have plenty of people to play with that have no idea of what the hell they’re doing.

Well good luck to your friend and hopefully he’ll like whichever he chooses.


I strongly suggest you guys keep this on a less hatey note. There are plenty of places to bash and/or praise your game of choice on SRK. The newbie dojo is not one of them.

Well, are you planning on getting both? You can always invite the guy over to try them both out himself. How about the local scene? You’re probably better off getting him involved in the game that has more of a following locally.

Any game is good for that, actually. Trying not to be bad at SF4 is also a cure for that too, though. :stuck_out_tongue:



3S requires a lot more experience and mastery of execution to play, and may not be suitable for beginners. SF4 series may be the better choice to begin with. Lenient input windows, slower fundamental-based gameplay, and probably more fun in the beginning.

I’m starting to learn how tough a beast 3S is, but I like challenges. I hope to 100% trial mode and BB CS’s as well, since I’ve already got SSF4 and MvC3 trial modes cleared. Not too thrilled about Oro’s trials though, and is much harder than it looks.


3S does not take any more “experience and mastery of execution” to play. At a low level you don’t need those things, that’s why it’s called low level.


Common sense Rules the day.


That’s why when you listen to the 3S podcast they tell you blocking and footsies is more important for learning 3S and being good at it then how well you can parry. Kuroda definitely wins matches because he’s using nothing but the parry.

Both games are good for getting someone to learn how to play SF in general. It’s not like you’re going to get good at SF by playing an FPS.


So when I go online, good footsies will beat a parry monster?


There’s no such thing as a “parry monster”. If there is I bet he’s blue and can even parry airplanes. Good 3S players don’t lose to parry monsters. If all it took was being a “parry monster” to be good at 3S you would have been playing it a long time ago yourself. Ask anybody who’s good at 3S what it takes to be good at 3S and the last thing they will tell you is “parry everything down like you’re neo from teh matriks”. It’s not quite Matrix Fighter 3 like people think it is.

There’s a lot of ways to blow up abuse of parrying. It’s not just press forward or down, hear the spish sound and win. Try parrying a Ken stocked with SA3. I guarantee you if you parry a good Ken’s c.MK and try to retaliate you are going to get hit and not him.

On top of that the normals in 3S have a widening range of animation lengths and frame times that make it so the timing you need to parry one normal will not work against another normal etc. This is why you see good Chuns use c.MP, s.HP, s.MP etc. over just c.MK and b+HP. Everyone of those normals have different timings to parry and you can’t play the guessing game all day trying to parry down those normals from someone who understands their spacing unless you like getting hit a lot. If you’re the typical online scrub Chun Li that only uses b+HP and c.MK, yeah sure you’re going to die because you won’t have meter ever by the time you die any way. Otherwise if you know how to make use of all of your normals the game becomes a lot more about whiff punishing and footsies than parries. When it comes to anti air situations you can do all kinds of tricks and cancelling normals into specials to anti air the “parry monsters” also.

The parries are an extra factor but that’s really all they are. Anyone who’s good at the game can tell when you’re running the up down game with the parries and not blocking and playing footsies like you should. Plus there’s a gap of frames inbetween each parry where the parry will not register to deter abuse of them also.