Learn to create a Lounge PEOPLE


So I had to create this thread due to the absolutely “retarded” lounges I come across. And by that I mean, makes absolutely no sense.

Due to the slow state of the online system, there are some rules that should apply when creating a lounge.

  1. If you are gonna turn character select off, matches should be a MINIMUM of first to 5 sets. Anything less is pretty stupid. You’re returning to the lounge every two matches to say hello? I don’t get it.
  2. There should NEVER EVER be a lounge created with a first to 1 and character select off!!! Believe me…I see them in the browser.
  3. First to 1 matches are pointless in this game. Even with character select on. It’s just too slow of an online system to play. You end up spending more time in menus and loading screens than actually playing.

Follow these simple rules and you’ll have no problem finding opponents. Thank You!