Learning a fightstick is tough


I’ve been a pad user forever and ever. I finally caved in to the pressure and bought a stick, but now my game is dropping like a rock.

In the end, though, I’m hoping it will be worth it since my commands will allegedly come out much smoother. Is there anything I should know about how to hold this controller?


Eventhubs has an article on making the switch from pad to stick. It basically boils down to whatever you’re comfortable with.


Thanks, that might help.


It just takes practice. I personally can’t play on pad I’ve been in arcades so long, so I can understand the transition. You gotta get used to the feel of the stick.


i been playing on the stick for a good 6 months now and im still messing up on my inputs! its tough but i gotten way better than where i first started. I still prefer a stick over a pad tho.


I’m the same, though I used to use pad once upon a time … I switched when I brought my Jap Dreamcast (there was no way I could use the standard DC pad lol) and I remember my game dropping slightly but within 4 weeks I was better with a stick than pad … now I would never ever use a pad.


Vsing people who are better helps and training mode just for simple links.


Just retrain your muscles, slowly at first - even if it’s too slow to get the move, like with a DP - then speed up when you feel comfortable with it. Little and often and it’s really quite easy given time.


Also, don’t be afraid to take breaks if you’re getting discouraged… I regularly do a bunch of challenge trials, work up to where I just can’t perform them anymore (Due to difficulty and what-have-you), then stop. When I come back later, even if it’s days or a week or more, I end up nailing trials that I’ve had trouble with in the previous session.


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I learned how to use a fightstick with many hours in the training modes~ Just takes practice


I got a stick in April and I’m far from good with it (truth be told I only played with it for 2 days a week up until yesterday as I spend so much time at my gf’s I decided to take it there) and I’m struggling alot with QCF/Bx2 motions and HCF/B motions so I decided to get KOF 12 (lots of different motions) to practice how to do them effectively so I’m hopefully good for when KOF13 and MvC3 comes out.

I always think of it like this, you learned yourself to play on pad so you can do it for a stick. Hell i learned how to do combos (tandems in jojo’s) on a dreamcast pad. Basically if you believe that you can do it and are willing to learn, you will.