Learning a Match-up for the 1st time

I’ve been playing SSF4 for a while now, and I have a main I can stick with. My newest issue now is match-ups.

Now, I’m sure people will tell me “Look at the Match Up topic for that character.” The only problem with it is it doesn’t have that information for all the characters. So, I have to learn the match-up by myself and I’m not very good at that.

So, when a player goes into learning a new match-up, what should that player look for?

I guess the first thing is too look at what beats you. take everything that character does that gives you problems and figure out what your character’s best option(s) are against those things. Also figure who win at each spacing on the screen, some character can zone 95% of the cast and are forced to rush down the other 5%. Know which space it is in your advantage to occupy and which space it is not.

The obvious is just the plain ol’ grind out experience.

You can pick at frame data, hit boxes, etc. etc. But at the end of the day, no character is ever the same - as the actual player will be using the character different from other users of the same character. However, there is always a general common denominator in the move sets they rely on - their BnB’s, their Anti Airs, etc. The gamut is actually pretty narrow.

Training mode is underused in my opinion, specifically the replay option.

If you truly want to get serious, invest time in actually playing characters that are obstacles for you. I, for the longest time, went nuts over Blanka and Bison. So what’d I do? Picked up Blanka and Bison and figured out their mechanics.

Knowing your enemy can sometimes mean being in their shoes. The outcome can be very rewarding.