Learning about shortcuts

I finally found a char I wanna use as main " gouken "
I only learned yesterday about shortcuts for the uppercut => df df

Yet U am trying to do it perfectly 10 times but it doesn’t work every time. Is there some cool down or other factor I should be aware of ? ( using a gamepad, yes I know just a gamepad , not a stick… no bashing plz )

Well thx in advance for helping out ^^ :tup:

Another short cut would be to ride the gate and do df, d, df. It does the same thing. I find it easier to do and more exact since you’re riding it.

I don’t use shortcuts but if it works for you then use them. Another easy way to do DP’s is holding df, then do a qcf motion. I don’t do it this way but my little cousin that is learning right now found it easier for him to do them this way. I think hitting the df, df is too inconsistent as opposed to df, qcf. Qcf motion is easy to do so just practice hitting df and qcf right away. Hope it helps.

Thx for the answers ^^ this will surely help me getting better bit by bit ^^

d/f, d/f is actually not a shortcut. d/f, d, d/f works.


Well it is in the beginner video of Tbird ( buffering chapter ), so I guess he should fix that :stuck_out_tongue: ^^

He did fix it.
He put up an Annotation.

ah ok then I overlooked that :slight_smile: Another compliment for Tbird btw for the beginner videos !