Learning & Advancing in MVC3(UMVC3)

I’ve been following the fighting game community since MVC3 came out (and maybe before that), but that was always just me watching fights on youtube.

My friends runs the website for FocusFire, so he brought me to EVO this year, and after all that was going on and the hype surrounding me, I got inspired to play and want to compete. So my ultimate goal (no pun intended) is to get to compete at a respectable level at next year’s EVO (and tournaments along the way). To cement my dedication into getting better, I bought a fightstick (MadCatz TE MVC3 stick).

Any tips on getting better for a newbie like me?

I’m running a team of Chris/Dormmamu/Spencer. This team will probably change when Ultimate comes out, but I’m using at the moment to just get the game mechanics down. My problem is linking combos into longer combos. I just don’t move at the speed like those who have it all muscle memorized.

I appreciate the help, and thanks in advance for welcoming me to the game community :slight_smile:

Well if that’s your problem, just keep practicing those combos until your muscles memorize them and you can do them without thinking.

Today I was gonna go to the Nox x Box Arena tourney in Long Beach, but I pulled a graveyard shift last night, so that wasn’t happening.

Gonna go practice now :stuck_out_tongue: