Learning Air Mobility and Tri-Dashing

I’m a Thor player and I’m trying to better myself but I know Thor’s air movement is key in his offense. Since Thor’s AD isn’t all that great and since I wanna get the concept down anyway, if I were to learn tri-dashing and better air mobility with a more air-inclined character, would it easily transfer over to Thor? Say I take Nova out for a spin and learn how to stay up in the air, or box-dash or tri-dash, etc. could I apply these lessons to Thor or is the difference too steep between characters?

Another conundrum is where to start? I know I how to practice tri-dashing and the like, but where can I begin to just learn how to move in the air in general? Can anyone recommend a specific video or tip on how to get started with this?

I do not think Nova would be a good one to learn with as he as a momentum dash. I would say Mags for sure.

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! I have a friend that has played Thor from Vanilla and has gotten QUITE good with him in/out tourney. Let me tell you right now from the start, Thor’s mobility is NOT like the normal flight characters. Yes he has an air dash but you will rarely use solely it for your means of mobility or in key situations like normal jump-height + assist mix-ups with jump h ( I believe = hammer) and jump m (knee). Also Thor’s air-dash is not as good as the others as it’s shorter and slower so it makes you more susceptible to projectile attacks. Your main means of transportation will be your mighty strike. Full invincibility, good distance, very active, and plows through your opponents projectiles, attacks and (most importantly) Supers/Hypers. Using this in conjunction with assists, (preferably slower ones like missiles/drones/cold-star) and you form an invincible wall your opponent has to deal with. Then, depending on your situation, you can go for your command grab setups and super command grab setups although I suggest saving those for countering. Once you get that first hit, the first thing on your mind should be if the characters has any options out of the super-jump height command grab tick reset. If not, abuse until dead.

OK, I know it nullifies projectiles, but invincibility? FULL invincibility? I’m pretty sure it’s not that at least…

I know Thor has some techniques he can utilize to alter his air dash and make it better, for example the using H at the end to cancel the slow recovery of the air dash and to slide across the ground. Did you take this into account before your statement? If so, can’t using that also lead to good grab set-ups? Better ones, maybe?

So basically learn Thor airdashing in it’s own lesson. My main team uses Nova, since Thor is so different from others, could I apply the Nova lessons to Doom? I’m thinking about adding Doom to my Thor team and I know air mobility is crucial to Doom.

I’m torn on whether or not Doom is a good character to learn air-dashing with. On one hand, tri-dashing is his primary form of mobility since he has no crouch-cancelable dash, so you’re gonna learn proper tri-dashing guaranteed. On the other hand, you might pick up bad habits; characters like Magneto and Nova really shouldn’t be tri-dashing everywhere like Doom since they have proper ground dashes, and Nova’s forward air dash covers much more space. Nova doesn’t even really make use of his tri-dash for offense since air-dash down is so much faster. I think Magneto is probably the best character to learn with since he has the most basic flight and 8-way air dash and makes good use of it.

In the end I think learning Nova/Doom would be a fine way to start, you’ll have two different kinds of air-dash characters to work with to get used to the mechanics. Nova will teach you very basic stuff like box dashing, instant overhead air dashing and general runaway with regular flight, Doom will teach you “Doomhopping” or relentless tri-dashing, box dash offense, keepaway using projectiles and flight, air-dash cancel combos and air plink dashing to move around. Just don’t pick up bad habits.

There. That is all you need to know.