Learning Akuma after Gouken

So I pretty much play Gouken exclusively, but I have been trying to pick up another character.

Considering that Akuma has similar Demon Flip options I thought it might make learning him a little easier. I realize that he plays very differently in some ways, but they seem to have many similarities as well.

Anyone have any insight/experience on learning Akuma after learning Gouken?

First thing i notice is his shitty health & Ultras.
No safe way to connect his ultra. Ultra 1 do a lot of damages, but difficult to connect. However, is safer even people avoid it due to difficult to punish. Whereas ultra 2 is utter rubbish.

His matchup specific is very different from Gouken too… I always wanted to palm a shotos during a fireball wars LOL.
He has some normal & special moves that I wish Gouken has it. Many ways to mix up too

Yes I have some insight. Go to the akuma threads. They are two different characters with a few similar moves that function entirely different in their play style.

I did this. I came to the realisation that Gouken has serious holes and limitations and after the OHN nationals in Australia last year, moved onto Akuma. I still use Gouken and was harbouring some hope for his Super incarnation though that turned out to be a disappointment. Gouken is a middle tier character and that implies that you can use him well.

Demon flip options carry over to a small degree though they’re really completely different. The biggest hurdle will be managing your health as Akuma compares poorly to Gouken in this regard. Still, Akuma has a wealth of tools and options that Gouken just plain doesn’t have in addition to you being welcomed into the wonderful world of hitconfirms and, yes, a cancellable reversal. Resets, untechable knockdowns, FADC combos, kara grabs, juggles, mix-ups. Akuma has it all.

You’ll miss Gouken’s very viable Ultra though you’ll be surprised at how many ways Akuma’s can be landed. Oh and speed. Akuma has it in spades.

Akuma enjoys comfortable match-ups, but noone is free due to you having to manage your health properly. His harder match-ups can be nightmarish but you’re still equipped to wreck house.

Is Akuma a better character? I’d say yes, definitely. Is Gouken a good character? I say yes, he’s okay - provided you understand him properly and have good defense and a solid understanding of the game’s fundamentals. Gouken is fun to use but he has trouble once people mix-up their offence when in close. Conversely, once Gouken sinks his teeth in, he chews off gigantic chunks of life. Problem is, at high levels the former usually occurs before the latter.

I agree with Gamogo, I’ve kinda put gouken aside when I’m in endless and been focusing on other chars, ones with decent rushdowns and are more viable in competition. I still play the old man, but not as much. Trying to see if other chars suit me more particularly ibuki/dudley maybe I’ll take the time to learn akuma.

Maybe it would be interesting to make a thread focusing on different character people have learned after maining Gouken.

I have tried to pick up another character myself, but everyone I try just feels wrong. It would be interesting to hear other peoples experiences.

Gouken to Akuma has little carry over for knowledge. With Akuma, you have so many more tools (most of which are better), but you now must be an outright master of pecks to links since that’s where he does the most damage.

If you’re good with FA timing with Gouken, you’ll be fine with landing Akuma’s U1.

I jumped ship because Gouken just feels so nerfed to me now.

Now I play Hakan. lol