Learning Curve

Cast your vote and please explain why. Thanks.

Magneto because he does not have a really noob friendly cheesy runaway or simple uber powerful combo like sent. Shit 4 rocket punches end Wolverine thats insane!

I think a good delineation is that Magneto is the hardest to learn but the easiest to master. I can fake my Mag’s to be pretty decent using trickiness and BNB combos but I still can’t do storm’s lightning chargeXXLightning Storm Super or execute a Sent projectile spam with any effectiveness whatsoever. But on the flipside my Sent and Storm are decent because of the aforementioned cheese, Magneto you actually have to run some game to get shit going.

You should also put Strider, IM, and Blackheart as the hardest to learn. Just doing the Stridoom trap doesn’t make you a good strider. You have to learn how to do damage with Strider, which I don’t think he has without resets. IM takes INSANE execution. A good IM skill wise is WAY better than a good Storm. Blackheart is also a toughie. His infinites are difficult, except the infinite on mid-size characters. He’s way more than a runaway character.

Hulk was a bitch to learn but so worth it. Now I can crush most scrubs with him while I am playing on autopilot lol.

That makes me feel better about my slow progress with Iron Man. I can’t for the life of me do his (practical) solo infinite setups.

I’m too inexperienced to comment on any skill ceilings/learning curves.

most low tiers are much harder to learn… at least if you are considering effectiveness as something to learn… anyone can learn combos n mixups and say they know the character… but that wont mean they really know em at all…

I’m still learning shit about the characters I know best… all the time…

but yea… of those three magnus… b/c storm n sent have pretty effective playstyles even if you are literally doing basically nothing…

I think it depends on what you mean by “learn”. Learning Mag’s bread and butters to make him viable take much longer than basic sent/storm. However, learning to properly zone vs. high level players with Sent is harder than learning rushdown IMO.

Thats what I meant by differentiating learn and master toasty. For me learning is getting to the point with a character where you know when you press a button or do a move exactly what will happen basically learning the priority of each attack.

Mastering is ironing out the wrinkles of a character against high level players and that is something you never stop learning.

PS Titan did you see the gameplay videos of Marvel 3? Hulk looks badass man.

Well his move set looks great… his actual character art I thought looked a bit weak compared to some of the other characters.

Im going with Sentinel. For some reason hes the hardest of the 3 to learn for me. Mag was the first guy i picked up and I learned him well. Ironman, to me, is just as hard as Sentinel to learn lol. But everyone is different…

Hmm Iron man was much easier for me to learn than Magneto. I guess everyone is different.

They both require damn good execution. I just think that IM should be on the list for hardest to learn. Magneto is harder to learn because his ROM infinite requires really good execution.

AND DHALSIM!!! OMG!! He requires too much execution. He is almost unplayable online…

Yeah I should’ve added a couple of more folks to the poll but I was mainly focused on those 3 since most teams have at least one of them present.

I always thought to myself Sentinel was the hardest to learn since you’re dealing with his fly, unfly and reflies. I’ve never played with a character like Sentinel that will hurt your wrist. Took me like a week to get his FF combo’s down due to the fact that you gotta fly, go in neutral and then move in direction plus attack.

Magneto wasn’t to hard for me, took me like a good week and a half to play him decent. I got the ROM down in like 2 days and just worked on doing variations of it, his 5 fierce combo, etc. You need good execution to play with him and be quick.

I think though my biggest problem when playing MvC2 is that I suck at blocking, I get impatience at times and I rush to damn much. My offensive game is nice but my defensive game sucks.