Learning Curves

Can someone list the difficulty/learning curve for each character (as in how difficult it is to learn them), from a scale of 1-5 (1 being easiest & 5 being hardest). Thanks:tup:

it really depends on whether you want to learn how to get from n00b to Good, or n00b to Amazing.

If you want to get from n00b to good,
Dudley, 3
Ken, 1
Yang, 1
Chun, 1
Ryu, 2
Necro, 3
Hugo, 3
Alex, 2
Q, 4
Yun, 2

those are the ones that matter

If you want to get from noob to a very high level of play:
Dudley, 5
Ken, 3
Yang, 4
Chun, 3
Ryu, 4
Necro, 4
Hugo, 5
Alex, 5
Q, 5
Yun, 5

“becoming good” involves learning the basic combos, cancels, and timing (recovery timing and animation timing) and the important links.

“high level” of play involves character-specific combos, crouch/stand specific combos, character-specific links, juggles, hit confirms (not just links), uoh combos, setups, meter-saving, kara cancels, zoning, and other things.

The reason why Chun is a 1 when it comes to getting good is because it’s ridiculously easy to learn that low MK hit confirm. THe difficulty of learning Chun to a high-level of play becomes a 3 takes into equation the methods of landing that low MK, zoning the character to chun li’s benefit, and other things. You’ll figure it out for themselves

Yun, which is a 2 when it comes to “Getting good”, is numbered that way because it’s ridiculously simple to do geneir jin combos; you can literally perform the combos with your eyes closed. However, the more you break yun down, you’ll notice that one of the hardest things to master is learning when to divekick, which divekick to use, and most importantly, landing genei jin (it’s not easy to land a genei jin). This would be why the l33t level of Yun gets raised to a 5 when it comes to difficulty.

This is just my opinion. Threads like these are all subjective and, of course, open for discussion.

I dont think i need to break it down character by character. Of course, if you have any questions, just ask and i’m sure someone will help you out.

I could also give you numbers on the characters if you want to get from “good” to “amazing”


just to be a picky lil bitch, I’ll say that Necro is a 5 instead of 4. Despite having 2 EXable overheads, his high/low mixup game isn’t that scary, and no real way to get pressure off of him when he gets knocked down. Just played against a pretty defensive Q while I used Necro, quite an aggravating match…almost as bad as Necro vs. Necro.

urien is 5 …no matter what
so as remy , which is approximately 4 to 5 .

why …charge partritioning and buffers

Urien is actually a 2 or a 3 when it comes of getting n00b to good, since his basics are pretty simple (and you don’t need CP and crazy stuff to get decent)

getting to very high level is another story, with many hard matchups, charge partitioning (needed at high levels, at least the really useful ones), aegis tricks and so on
i’d give him a 5+

At a high level for Makoto I would give her a rating of 5 in terms of difficulty to use… there are just to many bad match-ups for her especially with the big three.

actually with Makoto I would give her a 4. Actually learning her stuff may take a little while, but as soon as you can kara-whatever on a dime, and you have a feel for her gameplay, that’s pretty much it. I would consider Ken her worst matchup, Chun and Yun aren’t exactly easy, but Ken completely shuts down Makoto’s ground game, with meter only making it worse. HP+EX srks also stuff out any of your tsurugis. At least pre meter Chun and Yun you can rush down without fear of big damage.

I agree on Ken. He is easily for me at least her worst match-up. As for the rest I agree to a certain extent… I just find that good Chun and Yun players have this really gay ability where within like 10 seconds of playing they have their super meter full and ready to abuse.:frowning: Even though Chun doesn’t build up meter as fast as Ken her annoying variety of pokes etc, can have a similiar disruption to Mak’s ground game as Ken.

I also feel that when using Makoto sometimes one can get to concerned with making their opponent look stupid rather than just beating them… but then I guess this depends on what type of personality you have in real life and how you approach the game. [ie: Play to win, play to enjoy yourself or a combination of both]

yun is also a 5 cause he is a fucking overrated pussy.

Chun should get a 0.
Not like you have to do anything remotely difficult to win with her.

Lol… I’m not saying she takes some kinda master ability, but why do people really act like spamming fierce punch, followed by a low forward xx super is like instant victory?

it’s not, but the fact that she has no character specific combos (like she has any combos at all), her unfair priority and speed on all of her most commonly used pokes, the ability to cancel/link into her high-damaging super off of nearly any hit, and her devastating range of her kara-throw makes her such an easy character to use AND win with.

True, good Chun players don’t spam s. HP all day, if they do, it’s their ass. But, honestly, how many times have you seen a semi-decent Chun player OWN a seasoned player using a lesser character? 8/10 times, it’ll go in the less experienced player’s favor. Not because the player is good, but the character (Chun-Li) is good. That’s why she gets a 1-3 on a scale of 5 in terms of her learning curve.

why is dudley a 5

Character specific combos, I’m guessing.

Twelve gets a 6.

Have you even seen a high level Dudley before?

he has no real footsies would be my guess

i’d agree with urien being a 2 from n00blet to good cause buffering is easy as fuck and you don’t “need” to know charge partitioning at that point

i’d say ibuki is a 4-5, 5 when it comes to tough comp. you can rush all match but one aegis or shippu combo and its over

If a 1-5 scale is to mean anything, you have to have some characters end up on the low side, not this “everyone is a 3 or above” stuff. On a scale of easiest character to learn (1) to hardest character to learn (5), you’re telling me Chun Li falls in the middle? Come on. If she’s not easy to learn, I don’t know who is. Obviously to become a top player with her it’s going to take a lot of work and you’re going to have to be good at the game in general, but the point is that she takes less work than other characters do. Anyway, here’s my ranking, because I don’t want to study for the midterm I have in 3 hours.

Alex - 4
Akuma - 4
Chun - 1
Dudley - 3
Elena - 3
Hugo - 4
Ibuki - 5
Ken - 3
Makoto - 2
Necro - 4
Oro - 3
Q - 5
Remy - 4
Ryu - 2
Sean - 5
Twelve - 5
Urien - 2
Yang - 2
Yun - 4

dudley has one of the worst jumps in the game?..

wtf? tell me you’re kidding or being sarcastic…