Learning gameplay styles



What games do you think are the best games for learning the various gameplay styles? For example, if I wanted to learn how to be good at rushdown, I would pick up KOF 98. If I wanted to learn combos, I’d play MvC2.

What would be a good game for learning how to:

Run away?


zone: cvs2, coz a lvl3 up ur ass and ur dead, need to prevent that…

turtle: u need to pick chars especially for turtling, perhaps sf 3rd strike, or pick up a k-blanka

trapping etc.: sf 3rd strike, mindgames are sooo complicated there and no i dont mean empty jump, grab =/

reactions: cvs2, its hard to link man >: (


Zone/Trapping/strategy - ST
Turtle/Runaway - :rolleyes:

EDIT: and i havent seen very many people turtle in 3rd strike or with k-blanka …


yea bad example =/ i was confused with runaway and turtling… booze yaknow…

runaway is 3s a bit as well, build meter with yun/dudley/urien…


For Zoning,

How about the original SF2.