Learning "good" spacing

So here’s a topic that I hear a lot of players mention when discussing how to improve their game. Spacing. Spacing in SSF4AE is a very important thing. It’s an area that pros are masters of, and its what wins the tournaments. The question is, how exactly does one learn good “spacing?” What is the overall goal you are trying to achieve with spacing, and how do u best accomplish this? I feel like a lot of players would become much better if they learned proper spacing. If anyone could share their input and expertise on “good” spacing, please leave a comment. Thanx.

It’s character/matchup specific.

Mickey D did a pretty good tutorial for Ryu in 2009:

1)how exactly does one learn good “spacing?”:
By learning the matchup, knowing what your character, and the other character is capable of. For example, lets say theres a match between a Chun Li player and a Ryu Player, Ryu is typically trying to turtle in this match, and Chun is trying to get in, but she wants to be at mid distance, because she can beat his fireball, and avoid Ryus cr.mk, and she can still hit him with plenty of her normals, while ryu is pretty much screwed at this distance. If Ryu turtles successfully, he should be at a range that if he throws his fireball and Chun jumps it, he can hit her with a SRK

2)What is the overall goal you are trying to achieve with spacing:
To be in a situation where only you are at an advantage. Would you really want to be close to Zangief? Every matchup is different in terms of what the spacing ought to be, you really have to weigh the characters strengths/weaknesses against each other

3)and how do u best accomplish this?:
Learn the matchup. This is a combination of reading about it, and experimenting against good players. Bad players dont know about spacing, they dont care, they think Street Fighter is about doing huge combos, and it isnt. So with that being said, bad players are useless to everyone who is trying to play the game at a higher level.

You know that’s grade A bull shit right there. A person doesn’t play solely on the character. SF4 isn’t that bad to the point it’s like rock, paper scissors.

I guess, but isn’t spacing being at the right range to use certain pokes or moves to the point there isn’t any recovery frames after block stun. Also why would Ryu be screwed at mid range versus Chun Li? He doesn’t have to use a projectile, I use focus and pokes all the time with any character.

ITT: People dont know what typically means and get real mad about it

also, the point of that post was to teach how spacing works, not to explain the different ways people may approach a match.

That’s a really good point. It makes sense as well. U wouldn’t want to have the same spacing for all characters. I suppose spacing is just mostly having knowledge of the matchups, and knowing where u want ur opponent at all times…

Spacing is being in a “zone” where you are at an advantage. Most good Ryu players know that once Chun Li has EX, its best to be either right outside of mid distance (to bait hazanshu with a focus) or further.

The reason mid distance is good for Chun is because IF you throw out a fireball, chun li can beat it clean with hazanshu and possibly land a super, or EX legs after it. cr mk does not reach, and iirc chun li can punish a whiffed cr.mk. Both of Ryus best tools are accounted for, and Chun Li has no problem hitting you with her fast normals at this range, and Ryu has no truly good option here (Thus, chun li is spacing correctly because the space is in her advantage). This is how spacing works. Not that I needed to explain that, because the post you didnt read and quoted made this very clear. If I have to explain every little aspect(this includes defining every concept that most people here should know by now) of every little thing I say in order to avoid a temper tantrum, then I would be speaking to SRK members as if they were infants.