Learning how to combo with tour character...can i ask for tips


Hi guys may i ask on how did you guys learned and mastered your bnbs. I am currently playing sf4ae and i main cammy.

I am trying to learn my bnb but i cant seem to finish the whole combo

Like the cr.lk cr.lp cr.lk xx hard spiral arrow (how will you time the lk xx spiral arrow?)

I can barely execute the cl.hp xx hard spiral arrow but i can execute this combo. But my chances of executing it successfully is really low.

And how will you time this combo

Cl.mp far mp xx spiral arrow? When will you time the far mp during the cl.mp?

Same goes to cl.hp far hp xx spiral arrow



Practice. There is no easy way around it. As far as knowing the timing what I’ve found helpful is hitting the button when the pushback animation ends.


practice links and chains.

some normals can be mashed (chained) like jab/short.
but if you chain it you can’t you a special cancel at the end.
your combo is:
c.lk, c.lp, (slight pause) c.lk xx spiral arrow.
tap, tap, ___, tap tap.
the xx means you cancel c.lk’s recovery frames into spiral arrow.
is how it kinda should sound.

once you understand the concept, you’ll be able to combo with just about every character.

heres a video that can probably explain it better:


With cr. lk cr. lp cr.lk i can execute well but the xx to spiral arrow i always get blocked by the dummy. This means im too slow. (while i was doing the spiral arrow i was also panicing trying ro execute faster lol)

What i could not get is the cl.mp far mp / far hp xx spiral arrow or cl.hp far hp xx spiral arrow.

How will you time the 2nd punch after the cl.mp or cl.mp i keep on pressing on different timing and its not coming out. And i cant figure out can i ask for your tip for this combo?


If you push it and they block, it was too slow. If you push it and it doesn’t come out, it was too fast.
It’s really just doing it until you get it right, or finding a video of someone doing it - even then the difference between a hit and a miss can be literally 1/60th of a second - it’s not easy.


yeah, i am having a hard time doing the cl.hp then far hp of cammy i cant figure out the proper timing. the 1 frame opening is so hard to time


Check this to help with 1 frame links.

Helped me a lot. Hope it helps you.