Learning how to rc


i know this question has prolly been asked like 100 times but i forget exactly how many frames you have to cancel to rc. can someone tell me this any maybe some tips to rcing. thnx


you have 3 frames to cancel the roll into the special. since the game runs at 60 frames per second, that means you need to cancel the roll within 1/20th of a second or less.

here’s the article on srk…


PS- what type of moves do you need help RC’ing? i can’t RC very well except for awkward moves (ie blanka’s electricity, chun li’s lightning legs, honda hands/ or two kick moves like zangief’s lariat or rolento’s pogo hop). i do know the proper methods, i just can’t do them very consistently yet.


Do you know if RCing is harder on faster speed settings?
It would make sense, but I’m not certain.


I think RCing is easier on faster speed settings, because it seems it is more flexible with the button inputs. but then again maybe thats just because i learned rc on like speed 5.


Rcing is easier on faster speed setting, but no good when it comes to actual tournament and casual play because your timeing will be off.

Charge characters are the best to work with and then work you way up to the “hadoken” motioned characters.

To be dead honest, I learned by going into practice mode, setting ryu to throw fireballs and did the RC taunt to learn the timing on REGULAR settings before working my way up to charge or taping characters.


I can only do RC hop :frowning:


i just JD all that shit :frowning:


Personally I thought fireball/half circle motion roll cancels are easier to learn than charge ones.


a small tip is to notice your special/roll.

If you’re getting plain special move (not invincible) or a different special move (you’re triggering it with your jab+short) you’re not doing the roll early enough… obvious, yeah.

Another is to listen for the roll… characters say 1-2 things when they roll (a grunt or “hiya!” or something). So if you hear that right before your special comes out, you RC’ed it.


That hell good. :slight_smile: You should try Zangief and RC lariats. If you can Rc hop with blank use. IT way too silly on wakeups. When I pick blanka I usually RC back hop… jump ins, and Throw attempts.

Its not easier to RC on a faster speed.:bluu:
Just learn the timing with your character’s, if you practice it only bound to happen.
Koop when do you RC with guile? You holding out on me man.:slight_smile:


thnx with this and some practice i should do fine.


I only RC with Guile during sumersault kicks

I do better RC with Honda and now Vice. But like I told you that night I do it when needed.


Listening for the sounds that come with an RC’d move is tough when your playing at an Arcade with all these other games around you.

The only way I ever notice it is either when a move that was supposed to hit me, goes through my character, or with RC’d fireballs, you move a little closer everytime you RC a fireball.

Or sometimes you can actually see your character about to roll, and then go into the special you’re trying to do.

As for doing the RC’s, I read a lot of stuff people post, and most talk about tapping the roll during the neutral part of the motion. I say just learn to tap Jab+Short real fast, not press, but tap, and then do the motion. It works pretty good for me.