Learning Magneto tactics/patterns/options etc

iight kinda bored and fucked up from drinking too much…so ima post some shit

First and foremost ima say by no means am i saying my magneto is one of the best out there…i just played with him long enough to share some shit, so here it goes:

Magneto Basic’s
iight…first when playing with magneto it is really important to have rush patterns…SAFE rush patterns, sure magneto is the king of rushdown and it may seem when people play with him they dash in alot…yea they do, but good players rush in carefully. I’m not saying that u can rush safely all the time…cuz sometimes u get impatient and do dumb shit like run into cyclops or capcom or what not…but always try and play it safe…remember not to triangle jump recklessly cuz it WILL get u killed…especially by storm’s rh…try and rush them while they are in blockstun via cyc/sent/psy etc.

There are many different ways too perform the triangle jump but these two are the most popular ways:
The slide method
Index and middle finger on the two punches…perform a superjump or reg jump, then move the stick to down/forward and quickly slide your fingers from the two punches down to either lk or rh…this will cause magneto to superjump and dash down quickly and perform an attack as an overhead…a very important part to magneto’s rushing arsenal

The thumb method
Another way of performing the triangle jump…first put your index and middle fingers on the two punches and your thumb on either lk or rh, depends on which attack u wanna use…again do a superjump or reg jump, then move the stick to the down/forward position and press the two punches with your index and middle fingers then quickly use your thumb to press either kick…this is the other way to perform the tri-jump

personally i prefer the sliding method but its your choice…also reg jump trijumps tend to work better than sj trijumps sometimes because when u sj the blue splash comes up and your opponent will kno to block high…also when tri-jumping with the reg jump, lk works better than rh becuase its comes out quicker

Now that u kno how to triangle jump u need patterns to make this technique effective…rush patterns are to trick the opponent into blocking wrong and then u hit them which should equal dead character, i’ll list some patterns that are used alot by me n other players…obviously these patterns should be done when u are close to the opponent and not full screen lol tj. will mean triangle jump

Rushing patterns - if any of these hits connect u should go into the launcher to combo them

  • dash in c.lk [ low attack]
    -tj.rh, c.lk [Basic high low game]
    -tj. rh, tj.rh, c.lk [two overheads then a low]
    -tj. rh, c.lk, pause, c.lk [tricks opponent into thinking u will go high but instead u go low]
    -c.lk, tj.rh, then call your assist and trijump to the other side and hit them with a rh…this is a crossover

Man there is so many rush patterns its hard to cover them, just experiment and come up with your own…these are the ones that are most used when u are in a clinch and cant be too creative lol

when rushing always be wary of the other persons assists because u will get hit of u do these patterns carelessly…drop your assists to protect you while applying pressure…dont throw out the c.hp if it is going to get blocked because it can be punished so be careful of that…rushing patterns also change when u have certain assists…like psy/cyc etc but i will get into that another time

Anyways on to other things…

Magneto’s options
During certain situations magneto’s options increases…for instance when he has the opponent in the corner or when he performs certain combos…

c.hp, sj, sj.rh, addf, ad.lk ad.lk land
this is magneto’s bread and butter…where he has sooooo many options…once u land this combo you should be able to kill your opponent from here with these options

after this combo you can do the:

  • ROM infinite[i’ll get specific about the ROM infinite later]
  • s.rh xx shockwave [guaranteed damage]
  • dash to the other side for a crossover [not guaranteed]
  • same side reset [not guaranteed]
  • throw [can be teched]
  • snapback

Some players go for the shockwave combos because it is guaranteed dmg and u have a couple options after it…
options after shockwave combo

  • call assist like storm and trijump to other side for crossover
  • throw [qcf+rh after the shockwave]
  • trijump after the shockwave to land another combo
  • ROM infinite options*
    ALOT of players go for the rom infinite after that combo i listed…i am one of those players lol…magneto has so many options during this period its not even funny…this is how he kills whole characters…
    -ROM infinite to 40 hits and unmashable tempest[should be 90-95% damage]
    -crossover and same side resets[i will list them soon]
    -s.rh xx shockwave [not really worth it cuz after 15 hits the damage scaling fucks u up ::bluu:: ]

basically the rom infinite just inflicts more damage and gives u the same options u would get if u did the reg dashdown combo plus u also get the opponent nervous because they dont know what u are gonna do to them while they are in the infinite

Now i will list some resets for u…basic ones and fancy ones…basic shit works well tho

  • Resets *- do these after performing the rom infinite or after performing the dashdown combo
  • dash under c.fp[crossover]
  • dash under c.lk+psy, c.lk [crossover]
  • tj.lk, c.lk, c.fp [same side crossover]
  • tj.lk, c.lk+psy, c.lk [sameside]
  • call psy dash underneath s.lp [cross]
  • dash under, tj.rh, c.lk, c.fp [crossover]
  • dash under, tj.lk to where u were(whiff), c.lk, c.fp[sameside]
  • dash under c.rh, tj.rh, c.rh, hypergrab, launch [crossover]
  • call sent-g, rh grab, s.rh xx shockwave [throw reset]
  • call sent-g or storm-a, dash under, c.lk, c.lk tempest [crossover-unmashable]
  • sj.lk ad df to other side, ad.lk, dash back under, c.fp [jose garcia crossover]
  • sj.lk, addf to other side, ad.lk, ad.lk, land, start rom infinite[crossover]
    -sj.lk, sj.lk addf fierce(whiff), trijumping lk back to where u were(whiff), c.lk, c.fp[crossover- kinda fancy]

there are alot more but i dont feel like listing them now

  • Corner options*- iight magneto’s best friend is the corner…he tears apart people in there, in the corner people tend to use throw resets alot because they are unrollable…but dont get predictable because good players will see them coming and tech hit

Basically in the corner when u hit them go for the dashdown combo and try to cross them up or rh grab

rh grab options while in corner:

  • if u grab them on the floor…otg with c.lk, c.rh, hypergrab into whatever
  • if u grab them while they are at reg jump height u can do two lk’s on the way down then land and start the rom infinite for more options…crazy shit…

The triple fierce-c.fp, sj, sj.fp, addf, sj. fp, sj.rh, land, c.rh
this combo hurts alot…basically a good 50% combo, plus u can do shit after u perform it…crossovers mainly
Some people stop after the 2nd fp then try to reset the opponent…its works real well, for instance after the 2nd fierce the screen goes into flying screen and as the opponent is gettin up u can call psy then reg jump ad forward for a crossover or u can do a reg jumping trijump with lk for a really quick overhead

When performing triple fierce in the corner u can also extend it …this is how it would look…-c.fp, sj, sj.fp, addf, sj. fp, sj.rh, land, c.lp, j.lk, j.lk, j.fp land rejump and grab - this works real well and if the opponent techs the throw u can GB them after…really useful…whichever throw u use at the end can be comboed after

  • thanks to taiji and reset for adding to the thread:D

The part where you said to superjump before a tri jump isnt necessarily true. 90% of the time i find myself doing normal tri jumps because most of the time they should come out quicker and you could pull them off more rapidly; thats just me.

one thing curious about the sj.lk air dashdown/forward lk reset is that the chances of it being successful increase if you do a little assist combo right before it. like if you did the rejump combo with sent-a from the rom infinite into that reset I guess it takes a little suspicion off any reset I guess. unless you get somebody that constantly blocks the opposite way like i do.

yea i kno the part bout the superjump aint alwasy true…i forgot to add in that reg jump works too…thx homeslice:D

anyone feel free to add to the post so the new cats wont keep making threads…yea that thing bout adding an assist b4 reseting works real well too…thx for reminding us:D

I agree that magnetos best friend is the corner. One reset that i do is cr.lk, cr.hp(launch) sj.fp airdash down/forward fp, fk(otg) cr.lp into a standing medium punch which launches them. pause for a second then normal jump up to them and throw them with fp. you could either land with lk, mk and start the rom infinite or call sent-a into unmashable.

yeah man, i kno what you mean with people constantly making new threads asking stupid questions where they could probably look it up. thats why i rarely post.

vs. sentinel and others, don’t forget to use s.wp and s. rh… people sometimes forget about those moves

some patterns/reset -

dash s. wp then

  • d. wkwk psy
  • d. rh into otg, or wiff tjump dash back to catch roll
  • fp/rh throw (if it wiffs while they crouch & yr close enough, throw is instant
  • tjump front or cross over
  • call aaa and block


next section i’ll prolly try to make would be magneto’s matchups…that should take awhile so any one of you guys input would help me:D


can someone elaborate on rushdown patterns. the problem i have with magneto is properly using triangle jumps for mixups.

obviously i would use triangle jumps that are low and fast ones, not high ones for these type of situations. normal jump lk would probably be the best to overhead since its hard to see.

with tron project assist, this is not a problem because of the ridiculous blockstun. once i get a close short+tron, i can start doing lows and overheads and they must block.

but with psy assist this becomes a problem. since psy provides little blockstun, any mixup i try is beaten easily by jump back. the same with sent-a even though that assist provides more blockstun.

ie. dash in short+psy, short- triangle jump kick, this is very basic, and its pretty easy to block too, but sometimes they can jump out before the triangle jump, there must be something im doing wrong, aside from possibly doing triangle jumps faster.

the only thing i can think of to fix that problem is to call psylocke on the 2nd short.

first off why not just tri jump when you dash up to them. if they block it gives you enough stun for a second tri jump or a low attack.

try using normal tri jump hk or its super jump version. it may be slower than lk but it as more priority and safer to use on people on the ground that try to out prioritize you such as storm. although be careful on her because most of the time s.hk owns mags.

just to contribute to this thread(this thread should have a lot more replies)

if you have IM you can do some shit as well when doing rom infinite after one to three reps connect the hk(one hit)+im AAA xx hypergrav follow up with c.lk , c.hk to whatever infinite, reset, snapback or you can hypergrav xx tempest for an easy unmashable instead of the c. lk, c.hk follow up for sweet damage (Try to connect the hk with the enemy point being as low as possible if going for the unmashable) , don’t forget the IM reset (after downforward combo lp+IM whiff, hp throw to c.lk , c.hk to ROM , shockwave , hypergrav to snapback , ect.

this is more effective if you play Mag/IM/Psy rushing with psy safe and sound, should end up in rom to the hk+IM shit i just posted since psy doesn’t do as much damage . Having the PC framekill , psy’s alpha counter and IM/psy should keep the opponent infinited the whole fight.

also if the opponent is exposed to punishment or if you connect a Tj. and you want to hurt quickly your opponent do c.lk, s.hk(one hit) xx hypergrav xx tempest for 3/4 of health or the c.lk , c.hk follow up. Team Combofiend is another strong team to use this , also with drones you can rush like mad and have cover as well as nice cross ups.

P.S. Enough of the IM beasting and just a random thought.
after a few high/low patterns ppl should try c.lk to dash in hk throw near the corner so you can juggle with c.lk, c.hk to whatever to mix things up a bit :evil:

hope this helps and happy rushing:lol:

Magneto’s Matchup’s
Iight we all know magneto has his share of good a bad matchups…i’ll try to share some knowledge of how to deal with the top 4 characters when using magneto

Vs. Magneto
This matchup can go either way…depending on the skill of your opponents magneto…from what i have played, whoever gets the 1st hit wins this matchup. This matchup will consist of alot of fierces and roundhouses. Don’t try too hard to get the 1st hit in the beginning of the match cuz u never kno when u might get hit with their assist which will kill u. A good opening would be to call your assist and jump back, or if u have an edge against your opponent u can start of with the lk’s. Try to avoid the other persons assist or it will equal death…call your assist and sj.fp ad db fp to build meter. When u do decide to rush in always be careful of the other persons assist and use safe rushdown patterns…try to avoid throwing out random c.rh’s cause they will take advantage if it was blocked. The key here is to land that 1st hit but be careful while doing it…if your magneto is running low on life u should have 2 meters by now to safely dhc into someone else(storm/sent)…or counter someone in(cable). Once u do land that hit with magneto u can do two things…kill magneto or snap out his assist(psy/cyc/etc.), the smart thing would be to snap him out and kill his assist because they can be very annoying during the fight and killing them would make your life much easier, if u decide to kill magneto himself(cuz we kno what that fucker can do), guaranteed damage is always good so ROM to unmashable works well for a good 95% or just a simple shockwave combo takes off about 75% of his life then u can cross/grab him whatever u choose. Also during this matchup dont forget to punish his assist so he wont call them too much…for instance if he calls psy every minute punish her with the triple fierce when its safe. Other than that this matchup can go either way, u just have to be careful.

I’ll make more matchup’s later because im kinda busy right now:)
BTw i’ll only do the big four…if anyone else wants they can do the other matchups(SD/BH/IM/Spiral) etc.

I cant do SD cuz i absoloutley suck at fighting them with magneto:(

to: dragon

how to post a character like magz above your name??? pls.

help to do coz i dont know how to do…tnx…:confused:

What are some good gaurd breaks in the corner after they tech hit some thing in the super jump screen.

Example: launch sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.lp, throw. Really easy to tech.

What’s a good gaurd break in that situation?

to all posting in effort to help stop these “nubish” posts flooding the forums -> :cool:

the reg GB works well…sj.lk ad df lk lk

or u can do the unescapable…sj.lk sj.rh ad df lk lk

I rarely use the hp throw cause I find it easy to escape from if they fuck up the fallow ups and hk throw makes it easy to set-up ROM infinite or more hk throw resets. I also agree with mags best friend is the corner, but it also helps if you have a good assist character, i.e. Sent/Cyke/Psy/Tron. I say this because if you have an opponent in the corner having cable per say as your only other character decreases your options cause of the way his assist works , i.e picking the character up and away. This limits what you can do if conected and if missed cable provides them with a way out of the corner. If they decide to combo him with the tripple firce combo then you must worry about cable and can no longer focus on keeping them in the corner, thus giving them those vital seconds to escape the corner and the iminent death that it holds for them. This is just me and my view. I’m not the best player but I thaught I might just add another point of view for fellow mags players.

i’m starting to use mag/cyke more often so… what are the best options after lk+cyke, lk ? just to get your opinions guys.

also any resets to unmashable with cyke are really appreciated.

thanx in advance :smiley:

I saw a video of soo use that team a couple of times…

This is really basic but i’ll post it up anyways:

c.lk, cyc, c.lk, cyc hits, rush under opponent, sj, hk, ad/df, lk, lk, ROM

geez…i hate:

Mags/Cable/Cyc aaa…to anti rush…yet to rush at the same time…the possibilities!:eek:

yeah that’s what i thought… , also i use dash under sj, hp ad/df hp and atempt to reset but i wonder if there’s an unmashable for mag/cyke and a reset unmashable as well, and yes mag/cable/cyke = anti-rush + safe rush down and having potent Alpha counter for both long and close range that can be followed up by super makes this team one of mags top although at least where i play ppl don’t use it…

mag/cyc unmashable

dashdown combo, land, infinite to w/e reps, j.lk+cyc, j.rh, ad UF, tempest…chunks of life on that one

thanx dragon just tried it and it hurts:cool:

again thanx and p.s. when could you post the vs.storm? that biatch’s s.hk when landed means my magnus just died…
i can’t wait for some tactics to rush in with mags n while at it preventing the s.hk to DHC of death and how to stop the hail storm chipping:evil: