Learning match-ups (What is the efficient way to go about it?)

OK. So thus far in my SSF4 career, I’ve not really bothered to learn match-ups. That is to say I have been getting by on learning which moves are safe/unsafe when used against me and baiting/punishing where I could.

That however, is not enough anymore. As a claw player I have particular trouble against Dictator and Boxer. This could well simply me being clueless on what I am supposed to do or it could be a genuinely hard match-up for Claw. I can’t parse what is happening on screen and make it into sound strategic sense: I don’t know the match-up.

The problem is…just how does one go about learning a match-up?

Following on from that: just what is a match-up to begin with? Let me put it this way: when in training mode and attempting to learn a match-up, what is the tick-list of things I need to be doing supposed to look like?

Rather than being told about what the match-up is, I want to know how I would go about learning a match-up in the first place (give me a net people, not fish!)

Matchup Knowledge = learning about the shit you’ve never seen before, or understanding why it’s not wise to use certain moves/tactics in a specific matchup.

The most efficient way to learn matchups IMO, is to watch high level vids of pro players going at it. Analyze why they do what they do, and why they don’t do certain things. The best site for vids IMO is streetfighterdojo.com.

I’m a ST/HDR player, so I can’t help you with the SF4 side of things.


But that site isn’t any good for SSF4, it only has SF4 videos and isn’t updated anymore. Check out iPlayWinner.com. They have guides for each character and in said guides there are TONS of videos for each and every match up for that character.

go to SF4Tube - Street Fighter 4 Videos and the vega sub section and read their matchup thread. Also, im sure you could post some of your replays in the vega section in the video thread asking for help and they will give you feeback letting you know what things you need to improve on. Also, you could use training mode to figure out stuff. Also, everytime you lose or you need to figure out why you lost then go to training mode if you can to try to come up with something to beat it.