Learning New Character Tips


Hey guys,

I’ve been playing alot of tekken using Alisa and I’ve gotten pretty good with her. Whenever I go to try a new character I take my time and look at the movelist and learn some juggles, but I can never figure out what to do in an actual fight, I keep thinking im playing alisa

Will this just require time? or do you guys have a certain way you learn new character


After I check out the move list I check out frame data, top ten moves, strengths and weaknesses, learn how they characters match up against certain characters and see how other people use the character. After that I just take some beatings.


ya i just need to be patient I guess


tis all a learning experience… personally i suggest watching a lot of videos to see what areas each character excell in… like paul with power, howarang with speed, kazuya with pokes and mixups, and lee with range and carries


It takes time to be able to play multiple characters without confusion. Learn the character’s moves, work on a few juggles, then take them to ghost battle and rank them to 1st Dan. Beyond that is playing that character against real people online or off, learning through videos, frame data and walking the road towards mastering that character.


my seven paths to learning a character

1)Always read top 10 moves of that character… so you can play around with those

2)Learn what sets that character apart from others(Movement , rushdown , defensive ,etc…)

3)Look at the frame data and understand whats safe and what isnt

4)understand your options

5)understand your juggles from the options

  1. Practice

7)repeat the things above


For me the process goes like this:

1.Go to practice and perform every move in the list, then try out the sample combos.

2.Mess about for a couple of minutes and try to ingrain a few moves what I consider to be “key” moves into my playstyle. I’ll also master at least 1 juggle.

3.Jump straight into a match

4.Use my key moves until they become second nature and then I’ll go on to learn other moves.

5.Rinse and repeat until I get used to the character.

Once I have a good understanding of the characters moves from personal experience, I’ll go online and try to learn any useful properties.