Learning Poison



Right, so I just got in with 2013, and I want to learn Poison!<div><br></div><div>I’ve been running Poison/Lili, and I seem to need to learn Poison’s gameplan a bit more. I can’t find good videos of Poison play either, I’ve only seen HDJammerzzz or something from SRK’s youtube channel. I recall some top player playing Poison/Hugo, but I haven’t seen any new videos lately.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>So anyway, the only good thing about Poison now seems to be max range st.mp/cr.mp into st.HP into launcher and 350ish damage followup with Lili. Other than that, her air-to-air seems lacking, if cr.HP gets beat by a jump-in you eat a fat combo (I was completely unable to anti-air Kazuya’s jump HP), and even if it hits, it barely gives you any damage, compared with Lili’s Andante (df.HK), which gives you a full juggle combo. DP seems to get stuffed all the time unless I spend bar on EX (and running Poison first, using meter is… kind of not the point).</div><div><br></div><div>Her FB isn’t good enough to spam like sonic booms or even hadokens, and even if it was, the engine is not favorable for fireball wars.</div><div><br></div><div>Crossup is LK, giving crappy damage, and bad hitstun. No good hitconfirms. No safe blockstrings.</div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div>I really really want to play her, but it just seems like there’s no gameplan there. Now, I just build meter and fish for MP, HP, launch into Lili for real damage and actual options on opponent wakeup.</div>


I figured I answer here since you already had the thread set up. Poison really benefits a lot from her cadc-throw game. In fact, you basically want to land throws as much as possible with Poison. Poison’s throw has a very long untechable time. Not only does this set up free raw tags, it gives her forever to choose what she wants to do once they finally get off the ground. You can get a free counter hit store for one thing, or you can put out H Aleous edge.

Charge it until they’re just about to get vertical, and it’ll be waiting for them right when they prop up. It’s even on block, so you’re totally safe if they block it. It’s plus three on hit, which is really good as well. If they get hit, you have enough time to tag them with Far St.Hp straight into raw launch for nice damage depending on the anchor’s follow up combo.

.If they decide to backdash a properly timed LMT will catch them in the act, and give you a juggle combo afterward. You can also sweep them on wakeup, or at least that what I like to do quite a bit since Poison’s sweep come out rather quick compared to other characters. Poison’s sweep is one of the few in the game that’s special cancelable, and can be made totally safe if they block it. If they get hit with it, you can put out another aleous edge for them on wakeup.

Another thing you can do if they block the sweep is go into LMT, and enjoy the frame advantage that comes along with it. You want to try to LMT as often as you can, that’s one of the main ways for her to start her pressure. Poison’s Cr.HP is generally a pretty good anti-air, and if manage to knock them out of the air you can cancel it right into H Aleous edge and give them something to deal with when they land.

Kazuya J.HK can be a real bitch though, but I suggest going into training mode and record him doing it, and try beating it out until you get the sweat spot down. That’s sort what I had to do as well. H Aleous Edge is your friend in general if you haven’t already guessed. It let her set up some solid corner pressure, and it actually can work well as zoning tool when combined with Far St.Hp, which is a really nice poke. Because of how it stays out, it can even work as a anti-air from time to time.

There probably more I’m not getting out there, but this mostly stuff off the top of my head and I’m sort of tired.

I would check these threads as well for some nice info on her.