Learning Psylocke- MVC2 PS2

I checked the wiki for combos, and it’s empty, it was like reading the instruction booklet almost. Special moves and active frame data for normals, and that was it.
Anyway What ares some of her bnbs? Also, air combos, particularly is she has a good infinite that does not req. sentinel as the opp.


The first step is to put away your ps2 version.

The first step is to get the shit out of here, troll.

Lol why are you so mad? I’m not even joking. The ps2 version is horrible.

These newbie forums are seriously a horrible idea. I can see the premise behind it but instead it teaches people to go to one convenient spot in the forums to get spoon fed. There’s no need to ever learn how to search because there’s absolutely no penalty for constantly posting in this section.

How about you take a look at our psylocke subforum. Or go to the 360 and or PSN and go to the marvel threads there where people actively play and can tell you strategies with Psylocke. I’ll even link you because by your response you’ve already validated that you don’t have people skills.

It’s the internet… misconceptions happen man lol At a glance it looked like you were just being an ass hole. I then realized you were serious cause I thought about it :lol:

But yeah, you might wanna check out the character specific sub forums. I’m sure you will find her BnB’s there XD

lol what does “get the shit out of here” mean… is that like a toned down version of “get the fuck outta here”? are people supposed to feel less violent towards you when you say shit instead of fuck?

Psylocke’s BnB is a fairly standard combo… ground magic series, crHP launch, air magic series, HP Psyblade xx Control the forks, DHC to Magnetic Tempest/Hail Storm

crHK sweep, otg crLK, crHP launch, above combo. If you’re too far for the crLK to hit, LP Psyshot can otg as well if you’ve got them in the corner.

Psylocke has [media=youtube]3KiGdXaaVGs[/media] on all characters. Timing varies a lot based on weight classes, whether it’s worth learning is up to you.

The entire [media=youtube]oqzeymT9-_s[/media] is devoted to Psylocke, you’ll learn pretty much everything you need to know about aggressive Psylocke from it. Defensive Psylocke is mostly about zoning/pressuring with stHP xx Psyshot and j.Psyshot, and using triple jumps to avoid trouble and create openings to punish with BnB. Psylocke is decent on point and she can stall for a bit, but ultimately you want to DHC her out of there and start running Magnus/Storm with Psylocke AAA again.

@ haters: I looked at the subforum, I do look around, and your post seemed to me mean spirited, so I was nasty right back. I’m not here to be spoon fed because I’m lazy, I like asking questions in places where people won’t troll the mess out of you because it’s not about some advanced topic or completely new discovery. I’m sorry if you miss the rain of red days but they’re over, and for good reason, because all the rep system did was entertain the popular members and/or trolls and alienate everyone else… And I do mean everyone.
As for my choice of cuss words… Why does it matter? There was no thought put into it it is what it is, it came from how I felt. Quit over analyzing stuff that isn’t complicated in the first place, and leave a noob alone to learn his lessons himself. I’m sorry if I did not do anything that made you happy and followed your holy statutes of game law, “forum lords”, but I truly don’t care about your approval, and you are not derailing this thread.

You lashed out at something you didn’t understand.

The PS2 and og xbox ports of MvC2 are terrible. If you are serious about playing MvC2, get a serious version.

True that… also I heard that MvC2 could possibly cause your playstation 2 to break(get mvc2 on xbl mang its only 15 bucks you should’ve sold your copy before it came out on psn and xbl lol)… if you’re not serious about the game and can’t go out of your way to get a mostly accurate port for only 15 bucks, why would you even want to learn anything about the game…

Dreamcast or arcade are the only acceptable versions for me.

Psylocke is possibly one of the easiest characters to learn IMO. Like most characters you’ll be doing most of your damage with air combos. She compliments Magneto really well if that helps at all.