Learning Stick tips?

So i finally got a stick, been a pad player all my life, finally converting and not looking back.

I play 3S and MVC2, not really so much problems with marvel but just with 3S. On pad if I wanted to do gouki’s super i would rub D. > D. F. > F. > D. > D. F. > F. and the super would always come out, but it seems on Stick the only way I can do a successfull super on the ground is in kens 12 hit by doing mp > hp > fireball > then swinging the joystick one more time around in the circular motion and hitting kick and the super comes out, but with other characters doesn’t seem to work so well?

mostly just practice :p.

it’s been like 2 years for me and I still have trouble doing it.

It might help if you play a game that shows your input (e.g. GG or tekken practice mode) and then do the double qcf so you can see what you are missing.


^^why do you think Daigo likes Ken so much :rofl:

I think it has something to do with players movement timing. I only play with Urien and Ken and the movement for their supers seem to be a little off when trying to combo into them. But maybe thats just me :confused:

it really is just practice. just keep playing. i got my stick months ago and the only thing bringing me down is 360s. but i dont play any characters who use them so its all goood. i think it would be better to be focusing on doing your moves correctly, and not so much winning.

I made sure to practice any and all motions on stick. Now I can do just about anything. I also practiced motions when the game wasn’t on. But for me, that was learning how to play on Sanwa. Been a stick player since I was 6.

same here even when game is not on i practice stick motion, the hardest game for me to learn stick on was tekken.

Keep practicing the motions in training mode against the computer just standing there. When you got the motion down and can do it consistantly in training then play against the computer AI in arcade mode and slowly incorporate it into you game. Then eventually try it against actual people and the stick motions will become like second nature.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Aight, yeah i finally got Shoryukens down took me forever, i guess my way of learning it is to do it super slow then slowly slowly speed it up till it’s like engraved.

The answer is definitely practice. There’s no easy way around it, man. Once you accept that, I will help you get the most out of your practice.

Experiment with how you hold it. Don’t worry about what it looks like or who else does it or if it sounds better than another way on paper. Only worry about whether it feels nice to you. Once you’ve found your most comfortable method of holding it, do not change to anything else, even if you can do one particular move more easily holding it another way. Very soon you won’t want to switch.

Practicing the movement slowly probably won’t help you that much… you’ll naturally tend to warp the movement as you speed it up anyways.
Do it full speed and watch your hand when you do it. Between the visual indication and the clicking of the microswitches, it usually becomes pretty clear-cut which part you’re missing; it’s worth emphasizing that part because you are very likely making the same mistake each time it doesn’t work. As already mentioned by others, games like Tekken, VF, and GG will have input indicators in training mode. This will further help you see what you’re missing if you still feel unsure.

If you have a PS2 with CCC2 or you’re comfortable with MAME, spend a little time with Ryu in ST. SF2 input is brutal and unforgiving for anyone who started on later fighting games. If you can learn to do his super consistently, I guarantee you will never have problems with any QCF or HCF input ever again.

When you’re practicing the movements, do it a few times until you get it right, and think about the feeling of the movement for the next few times. Then just do exactly that movement over and over a dozen times quickly without thinking about it too much. Repeat the whole thing again once. If you do this before playing three days in a row, I guarantee you will see a dramatic improvement with your execution consistency. Honestly. When you do it while you’re playing, think about your mistake but don’t think about the movement itself… just let it come out. It will feel natural in no time.

What kind of stick are you using? It’s worth noting that most people learning J-stick find that 2xQCF is the only input that is more difficult on it (as opposed to on a Happ or d-pad).

try playing other games besides fighting games on stick. that way you will break in stick more faster and it feels just as good as that pad you left.

I tried playing ST for the first time with a stick and all my confidence went down the drain. I can’t do DPs or QCFx2 very well in ST.