Learning taokaka... new to BB

i just got into BB annd my main is tsubaki. i am confident with her and want to move on, but any other character is just to hard. i have settled on valkenhine for a sub, but i want to learn taokaka. so far, the jump systems feel crazy, the challenges are hard as shig and low level combos are easy, but intermedate combos are …??? “OMGZZZ WHERE ARE TEH TOOLS HMMIE?!?”

you’re going to need to learn jump cancel combos sooner or later; Practice practice.

perhaps you would like to check the tao subforum on dustloop

when i first started to play BB i was playing it the first night online with my friends and getting RAPED!!! i ran out of vaseline and had to go but some more. it was so depressing i was gonna take the game back when i got the chance but instead i stuck it out and found my main in Tager. and now i be jocking on these fools. but yeah its like GG where you have to but airdashes in your combos and eventually learn when to rapid cancel. requires a lot of execution in this game, i just picked up plat the trinity so i can learn some more advanced stuff. hope it all works out for you

Look for a user on dustloop named XDest and ask him to teach you about Tao, IDK if he has PS3 but I have played him on 360, and he’s the best Tao I’ve fought, he’s extremely good.

Taokaka is one of the harder/hardest characters in the cast to learn. If you really want to learn her expect to spend a lot of time mastering combos that feel like no other character in the game, only to find out that your 3-minute combo string only did 15% damage, and your opponent can widdle out your HP in one or 2 BnB combos.

Tao is huge risk small reward. Extend looks like it may balance this out a bit where the huge risk actually rewards you, but for now she’s still kind of an oddball of a character. Still, a good Tao player can live up to her A-tier status.

There is a bit of a running gag amongst Tao players, though. Basically that if Tao was the first character you learn, you’ll pretty much never be able to learn another character as proficiently, or without a lot of struggle. While if you try to pick up Tao later on after learning other characters, chances are you won’t have the patience, or it’ll be so alien to you that it’ll never click.

At times it does feel like playing Taokaka is like playing a totally different game. I recently picked up Platinum and it’s been an uphill battle. Even Makoto and Ragna are lost on me. It’s hard to get out of the Tao way of thinking.

Taokaka is a little tricky. Her combos involve a LOT of Cancels. Especially jump cancels. Not to mention she has very long combos.

Dustloop, Bro.