Learning the Basics/Fundamentals in MvC3?


Hello, I am a huge fan of fighting games, though really I’ve only been a casual player so far in life because really, I’ve never really considered getting tough on myself until recently. I own MvC2, BB:CS, MvC3 and MK9–I feel drawn to the fun and characters of fighting games…but really stink at them usually.

So, I figured, it has to be that I just lack a good foundation/basics in general. I understand I need to practice execution a ton so as not to drop combos like I normally do, but there’s more to it than that. I really want to know, how exactly can I start building my game up? I can’t get out to any scene, and just usually play this with my brother and a friend who enjoys fighting games…though he’s scrubby, but has crazy reflexes. What all is there to learn–how can I learn it, and what can I do to train myself to be better?

As far as my characters go, and what specific problems I have in MvC3 (I really want to get good in that game specifically, but I truly do want to have the overall…knowledge and appreciation of the fundamentals of any and all fighting games ingrained):
I use Deadpool (QuickWork)/Dante (JamSession)/Taskmaster (AimMaster H.Shot).

–Sentinel generally kills me in almost all regards. Especially as an assist, but fighting them in general really is hard for me.
–I’m having problems getting comfortable with dante–I really like him, and think he’s good for my team, since JamSession does some cool things for Deadpool, but I can’t really get in with him.
–Getting in…in general.
I’d list more, but it can all be grouped to lacking…basic fighting game understanding.

So does anyone have any insight and advice? I mean, I’ve been going through the forums, and trying to pick up info, but it still boils down to…just lacking that core to build off of. I can know how to do what combo…but it does me jack squat online when I can’t even land a hit.


Have you used SRK’s MvC3 guide? It’s actually pretty solid through and through. If you wanna step up from there, get the BradyGames guide… which is gold. There’s a /ton/ of information there, and it’s totally worth reading.

If you’re having trouble landing hits, then one of two things are happening: You’re getting hit too often to attack or he’s blocking all of your attacks. To both of these things, the solutions seem fairly obvious, but you have to approach things analytically to see them.

First, if you’re getting hit too much, learn to block better. There is more to blocking that simply holding back. You have to block in different places at different times, and learning to predict which kind of block you’ll need when is rule number one in defense. If you want to level up your blocking, one option is to open training mode, turn the enemy AI on to a high level, and never attack. Don’t get frustrated when the AI breaks through your defense; it’ll happen. Just focus on building up your blocking reflexes. With infinite life, you can do this for as long as your attention span allows, and I’m sure it will help you in the long run.

If, on the other hand, he’s outblocking all of your attacks, it’s most likely time to learn offensive variety. It’s absolutely essential to learn how to mix up your attacks. Never, ever spam the same special attack or combo attempt when it’s failing most of the time. Instead (refer to either guide as necessary for more information on how), you have to blend lows, mids, overheads, crossups, traps, throws, projectiles, etc. You play Deadpool, and he has a great number of options (so do Dante and Taskmaster for that matter). Refer to the character specific guides to find out which attacks hit where, so pick the fastest and safest ones (to give the least amount of time to block on reflex or punish with a counter) from each level (ie, low, mid, high) and use them, doing your best to look at your opponent before attacking. Hit him where it will be hardest to block. I’m pretty sure training mode has some form of random block option for the AI. If so, set it to that (instead of having it off or on CPU proper) and work on your attack variety.

Once you start to land individual hits, be sure to learn the Magic Series (which varies from character to character in exactly how many hits you can get out of it, but usually goes :l: :m: :h:). There are some super easy combos that are practically universal, generally easy to pull off, and do alright damage. :l: :m: :h: :s: :u: :m: :m: :h: :s: for example. The important thing to keep in mind about Magic Series is that if an attack connects (isn’t blocked), you can usually use the next most powerful attack in the series and get a guaranteed hit. Check around for full details, but, as a rule, you can cancel normal attacks into special attacks, so avoid landing just one hit. I don’t know for sure that it works, but I think, for Deadpool, :l: :m: :h: :qcf:+:m: would work. You do more damage than if you just did :l: :m: :h:… and a ton more damage than if you just did :h: or even :qcf:+:m:. Training mode’s auto block option is great for helping with combo practice on any level; the AI will try to block any successive hits after the first one (which it doesn’t block). If a combo works on auto block AI, it should work against a real opponent (barring execution errors, of course).

If I’m getting too fundamental, I apologize. Sounds like you want absolute foundation stuff, though, so that’s what I’m aiming for.

Going character specific for a moment, I love using Deadpool against Sentinel. When Sent is on point, super jump becomes your friend. You get out of a lot of Sent’s firing zone and Deadpool has at least a few options for hitting someone from that height. Big fan of his :m: grenade (PINEAPPLE SURPRISE!), but his downward aiming Trigger Happy will often hit a ranged spamming Sent. If you’re feeling gutsy, take the fight straight to Sentinel by super jumping toward him, use one of those specials along the way, then go straight into your melee attacks once you’re close enough. You can find anti-Sent strategies all over.

Hope some of that helps.


check out the MvC3 section or get the BradyGames Guide.


To beat Sentinel just watch this. It’s funny and has some really solid advice about fighting him. Just don’t f*** with him when he has X Factor!

I agree with you Kendrik. Blocking is essentially the most important fundamental for MvC3 (and any fighting game for that matter). I’ve heard many times that MvC2 helps you build solid defense skill and 3 doesn’t seem too far off from that either.


Well first of all, thank you Kendrik for your reply and advice. The defense training seems pretty good, and is helping me out. Only problem I have…I really have no solid grip on breaking throws, or rather, not getting caught in them consistently.
As for mixups, thank you for that. That’s probably one of my problems, one of the many I have. Or rather, I realize I need to work on.
And yeah, I meant total foundation. I understand that stuff, I’m not exactly…hmm, a total noob when it comes to the severe hardline basics, but still, I can’t really get a good method of training and strengthening my mixups, crossups, defense…offense/combos, and knowledge about matchups/zoning and the like. I’m trying to improve, but beyond just practicing in training mode–with execution and the new defense training stuff, I dunno what exactly to do to strengthen this all.

And I always check in and out of the MvC3 guide here on the site, been doing that since day 1 of getting the game.

Really, I can play, and I know in a limited fashion what’s wrong:
Poor control over my characters (I can move around with Deadpool, but can’t teleport freely, or slide around without getting punished, Dante’s a lot more work of course, and Task is a bit weird being slower, but having web swing/his shield bash), I need to lock in solid, strong consistent BnBs for both the corner, and anywhere on the screen, and I generally throw out less than safe attacks without making them too safe. Like with Dante–I have a compulsion to teleport as soon as I’ve called Task’s assist, and that can lead to both getting destroyed, rather than timing it so that the arrows and Dante attack in unison. Probably my biggest problem is spacing though, I always just guess if an attack could hit, and I go for it.

Thank you though, and thanks for that video about Sentinel–it actually reminded me, more so than just against Sentinel, that I need to play a bit smarter. Start trying to bait out attacks, and be a bit more defensive–but not too defensive…it seems I get a bad mindset and go into super turtle mode, unable to attack until the person puts 3-4 reps of whatever moves they deem fit (like Akuma tatsu’s, Ammy C strings, or rather anything).