Learning to play defensively (turtle)

I play an aggressive Ken. When I say aggressive I mean that I eat pretty much every Reversal shoryu, super, etc. that they throw at me. I’m moderately successful against high tiers, but I still haven’t found a way to keep myself from trying to attack them on wake-up.


I’m wondering how I can learn to play more defensively, as I’ve read in the Ken thread that turtle Ken is harder to beat than other types of Kens.

I figured that by learning how to play Remy effectively, who is a completely different playstyle, that I’d learn how to be more defensive, seeing as how he’s holding down/back most of the time anyway.

Am I correct in thinking this? Is there a better character for this? Or should I just stick with Ken and brute force it?

just use attacks that will beat reversal attacks and block on wakeup before doing attacks??? is it that hard to think about?

Learning how to play Remy defensively is different than playing Ken defensively. Just don’t do the things you are doing. Learn what pokes beat what, and just play a poking game, keeping your opponent from getting close. You should be able to adapt depending on the situation, and if you are rushing down constantly, its going to be easy for people to pick up on your style.

learn how to play Hugo or Q.

YES turtle Ken is fucking hard as shit! I can beat the most aggressive Ken ever but I still succumb to scrubby turtle tactics :’(

Learn to block… blocking is your friend. Patience too.


Ok turtle Kens are not hard to beat, nor is it a good idea as a playstyle. If someone is turtling with Ken just charge your bar and walk into sweep distance. Often turtle Kens will just wait and poke when the opponant is in their range, so just try to bait a keep away poke and counter it. They will just try to sweep you if they are in distance (which you can reversal on block) they will poke with cr.mk (which you can reversal on block) or just wiff low strong (try counter poking that as well or simply UOH to pressure) if they wiff a sweep or cr.mk from your footsies then simply punish the wiff with a sweep or super, by doing this they feel as if they cannot spam pokes to zone you from dashing in. Once they are affraid to poke you, simply dash in and apply serious mindgames and hopefully corner them.
A turtle Ken is helpless in the corner if you know what your doing (eg: srk stuffs, multiple throw mindgames, high low guessing games and fakeouts).

Now to adress your “offensive” Ken style: there is no spacific way in which Ken should be used in the context of someones style, only in the context of the matchup. Ken should turtle against characters like Chun li, Gouki and Hugo, but he should always be rushing down characters like Yun, yang, Ryu, another Ken.

But you must learn to rush down intelligently. If you are being hit with reversal stuff on wakeup dont take it as a sign to switch to a turtle game, instead think of it as “now you have the chance to bait something and punsh for serious damage” practice simple mind games like wiffing a jab or two while they wakeup and then do cr.lk, cr.lk, and confirm to super on a hit. Use the shorts to stop reversal SRKs. Next time do the same setup then dash back or walk just outside throw distance right before they get up to make them wiff thier SRK and punish with kara SRK’s or s.hp, xx mp.srk, xx SA3. This will instill doubt in there gameplan and they wont attempt a second wakeup SRK/super unless they are really dumb or really smart. You shouldn’t always attack on wakeup against characters with a reversal but you should always remain in key positioning distance where you can punish baited wakeup moves and you can continue your offense if they appear to do nothing.

do ex dragon on their wakeup

There is a lot to defense. ground defense, air defense, what your opponents character is capable of, what style your opponent plays, using options that aren’t low reward/high risk, how much meter your opponent has, your position on the screen, how much time is left. shit, there is a lot to consider :slight_smile: no easy answer, just figure out why you’re getting hit, and try to correct the problems. Criticize your own game brutally. Peace.


there’s really only one decent turtle hugo (Mike Menace) while the rest of the good ones are al rushdown.

I don’t know about Q. Learning to use Q well involves learning to play well defensively, but Q as a character is very different from Ken as a character. The transition from Chun to Q or vice versa isn’t bad because they’re pretty similar, but Ken is a whole different beast.

Stop pressing buttons when you wake up. db+LP+LK is your friend if you must press something. You should only DP when you’re like 99 percent sure the opponent is going to throw something at a point where it will beat it. Don’t jump unnecessarily. Use your ability to control the ground.

Take a second to see what the opponent is doing on his wake-up, preferably outside of throw range. You can punish reversals and throw whiffs, and attack or throw if they’re just blocking. Surprise them early sometimes.

Don’t guess a parry on your wake-up (unless you’ll surprise your opponent, the opponent’s distancing is suspect to a low sweep, …), and just look for a way to take the lead again.

what is the best character that is at their best when used as a turtler

^ chun li.

i disagree…because she style depends of the match up
i think only Q is a turtle char all time

chun li may “want” to rush down in certain matchups, but shes still a better turtler than Q in those.

Chun . d+forward, d+jab, b+fierce. a lot of push out tools. other characters have d+forwardXX super but hers recovers so fast. You can easily bait people who are trying to punish it, throwing out d+short or you can bait with s. strong against shotos trying to sweep you on reaction, block and punish. anything into lightning legs pushes you out. b+fierceXxlightning legs as anti air pretty much doesn’t allow you to jump in. has double air hit move if she wants to meet you air to air. hit confirms are ridiculously easy. You don’t even have to be that fast (reflexes) to have a good chun . Q blows.

Q is a turtle charcter…chunli is just a bitch that people use to win

Q. end of story