Learning Viper. What are the essential barebones I should learn first?



I know that techniques like chaining Seismo’s are really good for her, but before I try to consistently land those and some of the other advanced things, I want to know the more essential things.


I always thought FFF was the best thing to learn if you already know the basics of the game/character.

I’m still dropping that thing, but I don’t really play Viper seriously, my assecution lets me down too much that I just moved to Yun.


Her basic footsies and anti airs are a good place to start. (Cr. MK > MP TK)

Her spacing is essential. I would say it is sort of similar to Akuma’s in that he wants to zone and then punish off a knockdown. She isn’t as good as him at footise range, though. Sometimes with Viper your spacing just has to be flat out better to compensate for her bad normals. Usually, you want to be right outside footsie range where you can punish with thunder knuckles & ex seismo, anti air on reaction, or back dash and zone.

I would learn how to AA with her and spend a lot of time getting it down since she is so bad at it. You don’t want to be free to jump ins.

I would learn some simple vortexes and pressure strings.

Then once you master those things you can get a little bit more advanced with execution

FFF for big punishes.

SJC burn kicks, Seismo chains, TK burn kicks, and comboing into U1 from most combos.

Seismo canceling into all kind of things to vary your zoning.

Safe jumps.

Match up knowledge.

Can’t really speak here since I’m still struggling to master the intermediate stuff.