Learning with the PS2 analog stick

I made the decision a week and a half ago that I’m going to leave the pad behind and start learning/using a stick full time. Thing is, I don’t have the bread to buy an arcade stick just yet, so in the meantime, I’ve been using the PS2 analog stick as a learning tool.

My question is, is the difference between the analog stick and an arcade stick so great that I’ll basically have to relearn everything again once I get the arcade stick, or are they close enough that a good amount of what I learned on the analog will carry over to the arcade stick? I don’t want to sink hours upon hours into practicing with the analog stick if I’m just going to have to do it all over again once I get a real stick.:xeye:

An analog “stick” does not a stick make. They’re nothing like playing on an arcade stick. You’re still using your thumb. Plus, it’s, you know, analog.

Analog stick sucks. Sloppy, very inaccurate. And yeah it’s NOTHING like an arcade stick. If you think it is, you’re lying to yourself.

I will say this: if you ever see someone playing a classic 2D style fighter with an analog stick it most likely means they rarely play fighters (though there are obviously exceptions) and they are too use to the analog-heavy FPS games that dominate console gaming. Like mentioned, your using your thumb and the sensitivity can become frustrating. I tried it for a little bit, but quickly realized its too much of an unnecessary learning curve. Don’t waste your time. Play on pad until you get a stick.

Analog <> Stick


After picking up MvC2 again, I had to relearn sent and for some reason I can’t do fastfly combos for shit on D-pad. But then, I tried the analog stick, and now I can do it 7out of 10 tries.:lovin:

Never played stick, but after week of trying to Rom on pad, I’m thinking about it.:sweat:

I normally play on a USB pad which is pretty good, but after going home and playing my bro on the PS2 pad (which I’ve normally only used for 3D fighters and never done much SF playing with) I realized why pad gets such a bad rap. It’s borderline impossible to do some things, particularly with shoto type characters. But I also realize that analog stick is fairly inaccurate, but it’s still a bit better than that awful PS2 pad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks for the input guys. I’m even more looking forward to getting a stick now!

WTF are you talking about? It’s borderline impossible to execute shoto moves on a pad? Seriously? You’re kidding.


Uh guys…

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I can do the movements fine on a pad. I’ve been doing them fine for about 17 years. It’s just a lot harder on the PS2 pad than on the USB pad I’ve been using for awhile. And when I play other people, they often want to play on the PS2 and because of that, I end up having to use said PS2 pad. Hence my decision to learn stick. Relax, have some dip. :wink:

the guy said he has problems executing shoto moves on a pad. that’s way too easy on a pad.

looks at your rep groove & understands why it’s red